It’s June and things are moving quickly

Justin's takes a look at how quickly time is passing as we head into the second half of the year and we try to stop the constant distractions and try get focused on goals from January.
Justin ScottJune 4, 2019

Things are moving really quickly this year. I feel like I’m still trying to get my new habits and behaviours I promised to have ingrained under control and yet when I look again it’s June and we’re heading towards the second half of the year.  Wondering where time is going and why it seems difficult to adjust I realised it’s really easy to take on and do more; to work more, to meet more, to obsess more and worry more. It’s way harder to do less – to find moments to be truly alone, to have genuine rest time (not entertainment time), to be less frantic, to exist in silence, to pause, to reflect. I realised it’s not our fault (not intentionally anyway), it’s our brains that are the culprits. They constantly think way too much and for most of us we haven’t found a way to slow them down or stop them from constantly wandering, to almost boil with thoughts, to race and drift, to keep us up at night, to control us.

I wondered if we’re in control of our thoughts? Often, I find I cannot stop thinking, flitting with a million ideas or thoughts about all sorts of stuff. I can honestly say I know my brain controls me, my physical self, my emotions, my moods and even my focus and I struggle to keep it in check – even as I write this I wonder which part of my brain wants to keep the other parts in check! What got me to this point was a brief moment during a break away when I found a moment that allowed by brain to find that place, that quite zone – the Asgard of my mind – when my brain truly switched off and it was bliss.

The realisation and timing was opportune. Heading into the second half of the year it was amidst a state of ‘busyness’ and endless to-do lists that the family and I were able to sneak a few days at KarKloof Villa and Spa (read all about it on page xx) While there, in quiet spaces between a game drive, a hike to a majestic waterfall and time at the spa I found moments in silence, to pause and to reflect. It was exactly what was needed to reflect and where necessary plan to tweak those habits and behaviours I promised myself. I can also attest to the fact that the venue was definitely the catalyst for my reflection and we’ve come away both physically and mentally recharged.

Pivoting a little, let’s chat about this awesome edition that takes us into Winter. You’ll pick up the active lifestyle undertone in the mag, it’s become a regular at this time of year as we look at things healthy and active on the coast. We’ve also flavoured this edition with some great features like Behind the Brand of Old Town Italy on pg 30, a trip to the Amazing Karkloof on pg 34 and something unique and different in Living Large in a Tiny Home on pg 39. I personally enjoyed being involved with the story of our local trainer Terence Mitchell and his journey from heavy weights to incorporating calisthenic training into his daily routine, read about it on page 41. We’ve got our regulars as always which are insightful and always inspirational plus loads more.

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Till the next edition, God Bless