Making my letter relevant, right?

Justin ScottApril 4, 2019

Someone recently shared with us that people want to read about stuff that is relevant or that adds value to their lives – because that’s what keeps them ‘in’ the story as opposed to flipping the page, or scrolling up (or down, or left or right…so many scroll options nowadays). So, no pressure then when it comes to writing an Editor‘s letter, right?!

I was also once told that the Editor‘s letter should be about my thoughts and not about the highlights of what is in the magazine. Well now, how do I work with those two bits of opposing advice because we invest so much of ourselves into the stories of the magazine, which are definitely relevant and for sure add value to our readers and therefore are relatable – but I’m supposedly not allowed to mention them. I reckon I’m going to go with what works for me, plus you know what they say about advice…..

Here’s what I love about our latest edition. Our Social Scenes have been a huge part of the magazine from the very early days and they get some prime real estate up front in the magazine as we turn Ballito’s locals into ‘celebs’ for a moment, while we celebrate events on the coast. Meet Lynell Burger in My 032, a quick view of the North Coast through the eyes of a local and another great piece on getting to know about people in our town.

Our new feature, Behind the Brand, connects with the people who had a vision, put in the long hours and made sacrifices to build a brand. I personally love this piece because it’s all about people and what their tenacity is able to achieve. Our very first delve behind the brand is with Warren and Blaike, the team behind the much loved Seattle Coffee Company.

Culinary and Beverage trends of 2019 give us a foodie glimpse into what is trendy and on point for the year ahead. Who better to hear from that Kelly Sampson and Alex Etchells on the year ahead!

A quick inside scoop at six of our local restaurants with the Head Chef serves up our article aptly named The Main Dish. We loved getting to meet the Chef who’s normally hidden in the kitchen churning out amazing food, and chatting to them a little about their craft.

There is loads more that is insightful, entertaining and of course, relevant. Articles like A Day in the Life of a Baker, Ballito Beats everywhere else, Ballito Hills and the Ringside Revolution are all about people and places in our town that are doing wonderful things and living life to the fullest.

So, my piece is ALL about the stories but that’s what’s on my mind and what I love. Its perfectly relatable and relevant….I nailed it LOL.

Enjoy the read, fire off an email if you have a great story idea or just want to share your thoughts and I’ll chat to you in the next edition.

God Bless


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