One of the best editions we’ve done

Justin ScottDecember 4, 2018

I’ve been writing editors letters for a long time, especially for this great magazine, and I’ve got to write about loads of things that excite me or inspire me. I guess to some degree these letters have allowed to you to get inside my head a little and figure out what I’m passionate about and what excites or delights me. It’s been the same since the very first edition in case you’re wondering…I love this part of the world we get to call home and everything it’s made up of.

Ballito, Salt Rock, Sheffield Beach, Tinley Manor, Umhlali and all the others places here make up an area that has the most amazing, warm hearted, generous people who are inspired to do adventurous, challenging, creative and interesting stuff. This unique mix of people, the places and their mindsets has created a very unique place to live up here on the North Coast which is infectious and draws people from all over South Africa to this part of paradise we call home.

So my letter, along with the rest of the magazine that is put together by the best magazine team ever (yes, I’m biased but it’s true!), gives both locals and our visiting guests on holiday some insight into this fantastic part of the world . It really is one of our best editions yet and it is packed from cover to cover with stories, tips, reviews and fun reads that’ll keep you entertained as well as sharing things to do and places to go this holiday. It’s at this point I should give you a few highlights and feature articles from this edition that I think are worthy of a special mention but I really can’t…my message to the team when I got the proof was that I was like a kid in a candy store! So read it all, cover to cover. Read some, put it down and come back to it. This edition is really the gift that will keep giving and I promise you there will be something interesting and insightful everytime you pick it up and read it. Most importantly though enjoy it because it celebrates what we love and we’ve put a piece of ourselves into every page – it’s just so good, like that 3rd round of Christmas pudding!

Speaking of amazing people you’ll get to meet the team behind the magazine and have some fun with their quirky answers to fun questions. Lead by an amazing woman, the FabMags team have delivered amazing work this year and continue to push themselves to greater heights every year. I use international community magazines to benchmark us in the office and recently I’ve truly felt the team has delivered better quality than the benchmarks and they know how that inspires me. Words truly cannot do justice to the gratitude and appreciation I have for this FabMags family. (Thank you guys!)

Lastly, to my North Coast family (friends, neighbours, friends I’m yet to meet and all others) as well as to our visitors who join us from all over South Africa, let us not forget that this time of year is all about celebration and most importantly to show love to family and friends. We hope you find time to rest, connect, laugh, smile and feel the love of those around you. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a super New Year from the Scott clan (Lorinda, Ceagan, Roxy, Datin and I) and from the FabMags team.

God Bless

Justin and the FabMags team