It’s All About Family

The singer, songwriter, business owner and father of three, Bobby, always makes time for his family. He is among the many amazing dads that we are all yet to celebrate as Father’s Day comes around the corner.

There is one man and father who we really want to highlight. I’m sure everyone in Ballito has seen that he always spends time with his family no matter how busy he gets. I think we can all agree that he is worthy of the “#1 Dad” mug.

Bobby van Jaarsveld is a proudly South African singer, songwriter, and actor. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Anna, for 11 years now (they have been together since they were 17). They have three amazing kids (Sion, 10, Leben, 9, and Armani, 6). They have been in Ballito for three years now and absolutely love it here! Bobby says he’s always wanted to live by the coast, and the plan was always to move to Cape Town someday, but they found our incredible town and decided to call Ballito home instead. “We wanted a different lifestyle and wanted our kids to grow up outdoors and not in the city. We love the community of Ballito, and the people here are truly amazing and stand by each other as I’ve never seen before.” Bobby adds.

Just like every South African, Bobby braais a lot! They even have their own ceramic braai range out called STOUFF. Bobby says he loves their friends on this side and thinks everyone will say that he’s a very social person, and he really does need his friends around him. Bobby and his family obviously love to spend time on the beach and love going to Zinkwazi. Sugar Rush is a family favourite, and Bobby says the restaurants in Ballito are, as we know, next level. As someone visiting our beautiful coast, you should experience: “The community for sure! Sugar Rush, Lifestyle Centre, our beaches, our running, and bike trails,” Bobby says.

Bobby loves doing fun activities with his kiddies and joins them in their sports. “My kids are crazy about sports, so we happily encourage them to do as many sports as they want to, and we support them in that all the way. They are extremely busy kids. They fight a lot with each other, just normal siblings, but they can also be best friends when they want to be,” Bobby mentions. We love to hear about him and his family life, but we also wanted to hear about what he’s doing now. “I am currently working on a new drama series that will be released one of these days. I’m not really allowed to say anything about it, but I can say that this project has been very challenging, but I love it! My character is very complex and definitely not an easy character to play. I’m also working on a new TV show, so a lot of TV work for me these days. Also, I’m busy writing new songs and always looking to invest in promising businesses,” Bobby says with a smile of content.

If there was a ‘Best Ballito Dad Award’, I think you’d win it, *wink*. “Haha no, I don’t think so. I know too many amazing dads in this town, and they will definitely take that award. I don’t think one dad out there will think that they are a fantastic dad. We all try our best, but we will also make mistakes. It’s definitely a scary thought that we are moulding the next generation of adults and that we have a massive responsibility towards them,” Bobby comments. Bobby shares with us what the essential things are in his life. “My faith, my wife, my kids, career-wise – to do what I love and to live each moment, trying always to be better.”

Bobby ends off by telling us, “We love Ballito, and I know we were put here for a reason and can’t wait to find out what the future will bring.”