A New You – The Hair Shack 

The Ballito MagazineFebruary 15, 2024

“New hair, who’s this?” is exactly how I felt after our fabulous experience at The Hair Shack. Right from when we walked in and were greeted with a warm welcome from the receptionist, Alex, we were transported into a relaxing atmosphere.

Natasha was introduced to her stylist, Justen, who started with their consultation to chat about what she wanted to get done. Deon, my stylist, was excited to get started on my hair. Before that, he took me through an in-depth consultation, asking me questions about my hair and the issues I wanted to address. Natasha and I both wanted our hair to be colour-balanced with a healthy trim.

After a thorough analysis, Justen chose the perfect colour for Natasha, a darker brown. I am a natural redhead and had a bad blonde peek-a-boo situation that needed to go. Deon brought the hair colour chart and we discussed the options. With Justen’s help, we found the perfect copper-red mix.

While we both sat in our chairs, Cheryl and Gugu prepped us to start our hair’s new journey. They wrapped us in The Hair Shack’s unique African print capes and started applying our colours. I love a hair salon that has its own playlist serenading customers – it tells you a lot about the team, especially when one sings along to their favourite song. We were then led to what I think is one of the best perks of getting your hair done: the wash basin! We may or may not have almost fallen asleep during the head massage…

After washing my colour out, Gugu added a treatment and massaged it in before leaving it to take for a few minutes. Justen then finished up Natasha’s haircut – with every snip he was creating magic with her hair! I already have a specific hairstyle, so I only needed a trim to maintain it. Deon knew exactly what to do and snipped away, leaving me with a fresh, healthy haircut.

We finished off with a blowout, and he created beautiful soft waves in my hair that brought out the gorgeous, rich copper-red colour. We left glowing and feeling like a true reflection of ourselves. A huge thank you to our stylists and The Hair Shack team for the detailed care and attention you gave to our revived locks.

082 450 2359

Sage Centre, 1 Old Fort Road, Salt Rock


Words by Kai Coates