The Ultimate Coffee Experience – Plato Coffee

The Ballito MagazineMarch 28, 2024

All over the country, Plato Coffee is synonymous with premium coffee and good service. Hearing that the franchise was opening a branch in Ballito was the best news for a coffee-loving community. Situated in Simbithi Office Park, this spot is perfect for grabbing that morning coffee or making it your office for the day.

Bringing that signature Plato Coffee aesthetic, the cafe’s design is simple and well-purposed for creating a relaxed atmosphere. Sharing the space with them is Boshoff Architects, opening up a world of design possibilities for their clients.

With flavours sourced from Tanzania, Guatemala and Brazil, Plato’s medium roast brand of coffee beans is a 100% Arabica coffee blend. With every sip, you can taste the brand’s dedication to providing quality coffee and service. From the harvest to the personalised cup in front of you, every step is treated as important as the last. It’s for the coffee connoisseur as well as people who are just beginning to drink coffee and are looking for a good blend.

Every Plato Coffee branch serves their very own signature drink range, where each drink is named after and inspired by mythical and historical figures from Ancient Greece, like Plato himself. I had a cup of the Aristotle, made with three ristretto shots and 180 millimetres of microfoam. A ristretto is a shorter and stronger form of the espresso shot that gives you a bolder flavour. The tasting notes were intense, invigorating and not overwhelmingly bitter. It blended well with the foam component, with both elements balancing each other perfectly.

Our team chose from their variety of hot and chilled drinks. The Dirty Caribbean and White Hot Chocolate were fan favourites, along with the classic cappuccino. The White Hot Chocolate was sweet and smooth, giving it the taste of a marshmallow, while the coconut hints in the Dirty Caribbean added some flair to the drink for those more adventurous.

For those summer days, the freezos or soda pops won’t disappoint. The Watermelon Soda Pop was refreshing and fruity and the Lemonade counterpart was fizzy and light. If you want something with a little more chill, their freezos are just the thing. The Gingerbear Freezo was a great reprieve from the heat, and the ice was not too thick. We also got to enjoy some delicious snacks along with our drinks.

The brownie was soft and melted into chocolatey goodness in your mouth. The chocolate chip cookie, a great pairing with coffee, was crunchy with generous pieces of chocolate.

It was such an awesome experience visiting this lovely little cafe. They will be seeing more of me very soon! 

Unit 225, 1 Saligna Lane, Simbithi Eco Estate, Ballito