Quite a few factors set probiotics apart from each other, each with its pros and cons ranging from storage and ingestion to how the probiotic tastes. There’s no denying that any intake of probiotics is beneficial to your gut function and health. Still, there is only one rule of thumb when it comes to probiotics – how well the bacteria can survive and thrive once in your stomach.

Rawbiotics swear by this, and the range’s success is thanks to our products being non-freeze-dried and 100% natural. By having multiple strains along with its convenience, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why Rawbiotics still stands as South Africa’s leading liquid probiotic.

With freeze-drying, the bacteria are not in their natural form and so the chances of them making it to the gut and performing well are greatly reduced. Hence, you always see ‘billions of CFUs (Colony Forming Units)’ written in bold on the labels of solid probiotic products. Although dry probiotics contain billions of CFUs it’s still hard for them to match the advantages of non-freeze-dried probiotics in your gut. At Rawbiotics, we don’t let the natural enzymes, lactic acid and live bacteria escape, which means the probiotic starts working from the moment you ingest them.

Rawbiotics products also have multiple strains that are grown together. These various bacteria work together in the fermentation process and create an environment perfectly suited to their survival. This means that our products are made up of not only multiple strains of beneficial microbes but also a whole beneficial environment that assists the growth of all good bacteria in the gut.

We ferment the live cultures uniquely by controlling temperature, sugar and pH levels, allowing for a longer shelf life of up to two years. Additionally, the herbal extracts we add to each of our products add to the natural goodness of Rawbiotics, from the immunity-boosting functions of elderberry to increased brain function thanks to ginger. Needless to say, our herbal extracts’ benefits are an added bonus!

Rawbiotics products are also vegan-friendly. With dietary trends on the rise, people are leaning more toward vegan and plant-based alternatives. Taking our probiotics allows one less thing to think about when taking care of your gut health as a vegan.

Take the first step in reviving and maintaining your gut health. There’s no excuse now!