“What if our ‘neighbour’ was not those next to us, but those who need us?” – Dylan Jahnig

The Ballito MagazineAugust 3, 2021

After a week that rocked our province and shocked the nation, we wanted to
do something that spoke and demonstrated a love for “our neighbour”. The
neighbour who may feel forgotten, who struggles with access to food,
electricity and water. Basic needs. The ones with little or no security. The
ones who have been marginalised and largely misunderstood. The ones who
will be most affected by the unrest and disruption of this moment. And so, on
Sunday, the iconic ‘Mandela Day,’ we chose to come together and make a
Our stand and stance, as Linc Church, has always been one of fierce unity
and so, for us, the response to a week of devastation was to not only serve
what was close, but also to go out into spaces and places where the needs
are greater and more complex. What started off as a Linc Church initiative,
catalysed into a heart-warming story of Ballito locals coming together to clean
up our local communities of Shakashead and Shayamoya. In a historic
display of togetherness and with one unified agenda local municipality
workers, community volunteers, taxi drivers and North Coast residents
gathered to restore, rebuild and deposit hope where so much has been lost.
Madiba and his grand legacy of forgiveness and reconciliation emanated
from the streets as Black, White, Indian, Chinese, Coloured, Adult, Child,
Male and Female came together under one purpose and one mission. The
future of tomorrow was seen in the way all people chose to collectively work
together for a common good and it was beautiful to watch it all unfold.
And so, even as the dust settles, the mandate remains – to make our city
more beautiful than ever. This is the dream. We see colour, the language of
the gospel. Of Linc Church. We see you. The spirit of Ubuntu that is woven
through all of our lives, showcased for the world to see. We’re better
together. Sunday morning, Mandela day 2021, was an initiative to say let’s
bring what we have together. Let’s partner to make surrounding communities
whole and thriving. Let’s put our hearts in alignment and trust that we would
see the best things come to this beautiful land.

We are here for it.
The time is now.
Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika.