Wellness in a Unique Way

The Ballito MagazineJanuary 3, 2024

With a brand new year comes a fresh start – a time to reclaim your well-being and get your health back on track. However, you may need to switch it up and find a unique way to improve your wellness so you’re sure to stick to it. We have three businesses that offer just that.


You can’t achieve comple wellness without getting your heart rate up. At Bounti Ballito, LisaG and her incredible team bring their passion for health and people into every rebounding class, a form of aerobic exercise that involves working out on a mini trampoline! Whether you are a seasoned Bounti fanatic or a complete rebounding newbie, they welcome clients of all ages, stages and personalities.


There are an amazing amount of benefits of rebounding, physically, mentally and emotionally. It is a low-impact exercise, so it’s better on the joints and ligaments. It also boosts the happy hormones, increasing joy and reducing anxiety. Rebounding amplifies the process of natural detoxification, due to the increase of lymphatic circulation, and improves digestion. Being part of the class creates a sense of community and freedom, encouraging you to trust your body and push boundaries. Above all, exercise promotes a sense of self-love, self-respect and self-growth. Bounti Ballito hosts a range of different classes all week (check their Instagram for weekly updates). They also sell Body Kind apparel as well as Bounti rebounders so you can keep healthy at home.


In the bustling world we live in, finding a sanctuary for holistic wellbeing can be a true treasure. That’s where Kico Life steps in, redefining the concept of wellness with a unique and comprehensive offering, setting them apart from the rest.


For those who relish the thrill of seeking discomfort in the pursuit of growth, their adaptable gym with expert trainers is the place to challenge your body’s boundaries, while their red light saunas and ice baths provide the perfect balance of discomfort and reward.


The mind is where it all begins. Meditation and yoga spaces are designed to help you find peace and presence amidst life’s chaos. They also go beyond the ordinary with hyperbaric chambers and ozone therapy, using cutting-edge approaches to healing and detoxification. To rejuvenate, the skilled masseurs’ aromatherapy massages transport you to a world of relaxation and tranquillity. With a wide range of services, including IV drips administered by medical professionals, a café that champions healthy meals, cold-pressed juices and energising smoothies, and a retail space offering natural medicines, Kico Life has become a one-stop destination for those seeking to enhance their overall well-being or simply to connect.


What truly distinguishes Kico Life is its community-oriented approach. They value an atmosphere of respect, grace and warmth and are committed to fostering a sense of belonging. It’s a place where wellbeing isn’t just a concept; it’s a way of life.


It’s important to note that wellness starts from within, and Vitamin Club can help you begin your journey. A balanced diet remains the best way to obtain essential nutrients, however, this is not always possible, and supplementation can ensure that your requirements are met. While most people understand the benefits of vitamin supplements, making sure you’re getting the right combination to meet your needs is far from easy.


Firstly, it’s difficult to know what vitamins and supplements you need without the help of a professional. On the other hand, if you get a recommendation from a dietician, you’ll find that your individual needs likely require multiple bottles that are not the exact doses you require, must be opened daily, and run out at different times. You’ll end up spending well into the thousands.


Vitamin Club has developed the next generation in vitamin supplementation. Their easy-to-use online quiz ensures that your age, gender, diet, weight and fitness are accounted for. Based on your answers, they choose the type and combination of vitamins and dosage to help you achieve your health goals.


Their vitamins are manufactured in a category A laboratory that is registered with the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) and their research and testing teams make use of the highest-grade ingredients, high-tech analytical instruments and the latest manufacturing techniques when producing and testing the vitamins.


They deliver directly to your door and your vitamins come in 30 convenient sachets. Personalised wellness is not something that you can buy off the shelf!


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