Unique web-based dining platform Morecravings.com launches locally

Justin ScottSeptember 23, 2021

More and more of us are celebrating the freedom we have when it comes to eating out; considering the drop off of other entertainment options like concerts and sports events, a solid night out with good company and at a great venue is what we seem to crave even more. It’s great to see hospitality brands stepping up, bringing their creativity and innovation to our newest “entertainment” option.

One of the more recent innovative products to emerge is a web-based dining platform aptly named morecravings.com. Launched by Marriott Bonvoy ™, which is the highly awarded travel program from Marriott International if you didn’t already know.
Morecravings.com is set to enable locals and visitors to discover a wealth of new food and social experiences either on their doorstep or when travelling locally. In South Africa, there are 24 morecraving.com across an impressive 8 cities, including the well-known megacities and little niche spots like Stellenbosch, Mossel Bay, and Midrand!
So, the question has to be, how does it fair?

I found the platform really easy and straightforward to use with a quick sign up entering basic info and your preferred cities – these can also be changed later. Once you’re registered, the page can be searched for your “craving”, returning the best matches for your selected location. The platform even helps you with what’s trending at the moment and suggested searches.
In the mood for something spicy, we found ourselves at the stylish Protea Hotel Fire&Ice! Umhlanga Ridge restaurant – recommended by the app. The venue has a slightly more relaxed atmosphere to match its stylish, modern décor – just perfect for dinner in Durban. The menu offers a wide variety, but you’ll find a local touch in most dishes – either a spicy flare or true Durban classics like bunny chows or lamb curry. We decided to tackle the seafood with a spicy bite. The kitchen did not disappoint – a 100% match to our craving on the app and a delicious meal matched only by excellent service by the team.

The More Cravings by Marriott Bonvoy™ platform Morecravings.com seems to be the perfect solution for those keen on new food experiences and looking for help to find new, exciting venues. Head over to the platform and give it a try.

To celebrate the launch of morecravings.com in South Africa, a 20% off voucher, valid at any participating outlet until 31 October 2021, can be downloaded here and is available for download at each visit.