The Pre-Owned World

The Ballito MagazineAugust 4, 2023

Buying a used car can be an exciting experience but also a big financial commitment. The more you know going into the dealership, the better you’ll feel driving out. I sat down with Stuart from CMH Nissan Ballito to learn more about buying pre-owned cars and their dealership.


Why should you buy pre-owned from a franchise dealership like CMH Motor City Ballito? You should always know the vehicle’s history, available payment options, and what recourse you have should there be a problem after purchasing. All this is much easier through a reputable dealership!


“We ensure that the cars we bring into stock are in good condition and also follow the financial path of the vehicle to ensure that there are no monies owed to third parties as ownership cannot pass until all outstanding debts are settled,” Stuart says. Buying from a reputable pre-owned dealership is valuable as they check the legitimacy of the vehicle and have the full-service history, licence and registration history of each vehicle. They make sure you leave the dealership feeling confident in your new purchase.


It’s very important to know everything about a car’s history, especially if it’s been in an accident. This is where CMH Motor City Ballito comes in, providing you with accurate information. “In the second-hand market today, there are many ‘right-off’ vehicles where the owners do not know the history of the vehicle they are driving, which can be dangerous,” says Stuart. CMH Motor City Ballito specialises in specific brands, but this doesn’t limit them from selling other brands. For many people, the decision to buy a pre-owned vehicle is not only about saving money, but rather acquiring a vehicle with higher specifications for the same money that you’d be paying for a new car.


CMH Motor City Ballito’s mission is to provide a total commitment to customer satisfaction through a motivated, well-trained team of specialists. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level or a dream car, you’ll find your match at CMH Motor City Ballito, where they care about you and your safety.


Words by Kai Coates