The Future of Property Buying

The Ballito MagazineJanuary 3, 2024

Welcome to a new era in property buying, where the focus is on you, the buyer. In the past, real estate transactions were often filled with conflicts of interest, making it challenging for buyers. But now, there’s a fresh approach – the fee-based Property Buyer Specialist. This concept, which has achieved great success globally and is widely embraced overseas, prioritises your needs, bringing transparency and independence to the complex world of real estate. Surprisingly, this innovative approach hasn’t been offered in our country till now, marking a groundbreaking opportunity for all buyers.


Supported by industry leader Engel & Völkers, Property Buyer Specialists offer more than advice. They assist in various ways, from title searches to legal matters, guiding buyers through challenges. With a proactive stance, they guarantee a seamless buying experience, assisting buyers step-by-step.


At the helm of this revolutionary concept is Tobias Deenik and his dedicated team. Their mission is to educate buyers, foster wealth through intelligent investments, and deliver substantial value. By focusing solely on the buyer’s requirements, they present a unique and unbiased solution, free from hidden agendas. These specialists establish open channels of communication with a global network of premier real estate agents. By partnering with agents worldwide, they guarantee tailored solutions regardless of geographical boundaries, ensuring that buyers receive precisely what they need.


Transparency serves as the cornerstone of this concept. They are clear about their fees, creating a mutually beneficial scenario. Serious buyers receive undivided attention, while the Property Buyer Specialist is motivated to provide sound, enduring advice.


In this new property investment concept, the focus pivots from profits to people, from mere transactions to meaningful relationships. The fee-based Property Buyer Specialist does not merely function as an advisor but emerges as a trusted ally, ensuring that every buyer’s journey is smooth, well-informed and rewarding. Welcome to the future of property investment, where your interests genuinely take precedence.


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Words by Kai Coates