Words by Kai Coates

Intrasurf is taking the North Coast by storm.

The world of the internet is all about one word: fibre. Gone are the days of dial-ups and telephone lines! The internet has progressed beyond our imagination, and fibre is here to stay with an increasing number of estates building fibre-ready homes. If the last few years have taught us anything, we all need good internet service, and that fibre is the only way to go! No one knows this better than Intrasurf, a local fibre service provider that offers effortless streaming and internet access.

We sat down with the founder of Intrasurf Broadband Fibre Services, Jannie Brown, to learn more about his business’s successes and why we should all install fibre into our homes and offices. With 15 years of experience in internet services, Jannie has been building his own business for three years and has already worked on some impressive projects. His company provided a full-fibre solution for Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate in Sheffield. He has been working closely with developer Wesley Bench-Capon from NGG in developing a fully fibre-linked estate and was part of building the fibre connections for King Shaka Eco Estate Intrasurf’s complete turnkey service gives you access to ultra-fast internet and connects to your surveillance cameras, gates, monitors, pumps, personal home applications, and more. They offer Fibre To The Home (FTTH) and Fibre To The Business (FTTB) packages that give you unlimited data usage and ultra-fast constant upload and download speeds and provide you with a free-to-use router and setup. You can choose 25, 50, 100, 200 or 300 Mbps, all uncapped and unshaped, and voice services.

Jannie has provided fibre access to many estates along the North Coast, including Sheffield Beach Estate, Loxley Estate, Caledon Estate, Shortens Country Estate, Umhlali Golf Estate, Ballito Gardens Estate, Tahari Coastal Estate, Port Zimbali Estate, Sheffield Gardens, and Simbithi Office Park. Of course, Intrasurf does not only provide fibre solutions for estates but will connect freestanding homes in public sectors all along the North Coast.

Did you know?

  • Fibre is the best internet solution for most weather conditions.
  • Fibre is more stable.
  • Fibre has no limitations.
  • It doesn’t corrode.
  • Having fibre in households opens up more options and abilities to use multiple applications like solar, security and even home automation all at once.

Intrasurf Broadband Fibre Services is not just your internet provider but the business that links you to your loved ones online and the rest of the world faster with a more stable connection to the internet. So, when you’re thinking of getting fibre, speak to Intrasurf Broadband Fibre Services, where it’s locals supporting locals for a better solution!