Staying Healthy on the North Coast

The Ballito MagazineAugust 14, 2020

If there’s one thing we have learnt over the past few months, it’s how important our health is! These fabulous professionals help keep us healthy and happy here on the North Coast.


Dr Khabonina Nkwelo

Dr Khabonina Nkwelo graduated as a Chiropractor in Durban, South Africa. She’s passionate about offering care to fussy babies with colic, constipation or reflux as well as adults with headaches, neck pain and disc-related issues. She uses a variety of tools including chiropractic adjustments, dry needling, manual muscle release techniques, electro-therapy and strapping to solve joint and neuromuscular issues for her patients. Her focus is on finding and treating the cause of the complaint and not just symptom treatment. Your spine encases your lifeline: your spinal cord. It carries billions of messages from your brain to your body and back to your brain, controlling and coordinating every bodily function. It is vital that there are no interruptions or interferences so that all messages sent between the brain and the body are received and processed efficiently. If there is an obstruction, this can lead to symptoms, dis-ease and a reduced quality of life. Chiropractic is safe and natural, therefore effective for the whole family from newborn to grandparent.

087 354 9042


Dr Philippa Williams and Dr Rosie Carey

Thrive Family Practice is a patient-centered medical practice that provides optimum care for the whole family from newborn babies and teenagers to parents and grandparents. We follow a holistic approach to healthcare and believe that treatment should be individualised to meet each patient’s specific needs. Our ethos is one of care and as such we strive to build trusting, empathetic and committed relationships with our patients. We are not only doctors, but also mothers, athletes and active members of the North Coast community. This gives us the advantage of local knowledge and well-established referral networks that enable us to provide our patients with optimal management. Our focus is on preventing illness as much as treating it. At Thrive Family Practice, we are committed to helping you live your best life.

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Northcare Medical 

Northcare Medical is a holistic healthcare offering situated at Simbithi Office Park. Our wonderful team is ready to help you along your health and wellness journey. Simone and Stella are physios who help with sports injuries, back and neck pain, orthopaedic rehabilitation and headaches. Chanty is a pelvic health physiotherapist, offering postpartum care as well as bed-wetting and constipation help for children. Our dieticians, Kerryn, Barbara and Claire, are interested in sports and child nutrition, adult health management and DNA analysis. Sports massage therapist Angelique looks after many local sports enthusiasts and offers pregnancy massages too. Claudia, our transformational life coach, assists individuals in moving forwards and in identifying and releasing invisible boundaries.

032 815 0630

Instagram: @northcaremedical


Dr Pratisha Pramlall 

Dr Pratisha Pramlall is a homeopath who practices at the serene iZulu Office Park in Ballito. She obtained her Master’s Degree in homeopathy at the Durban University of Technology. Thereafter she spent some time in India where she gained invaluable experience by learning from some of the best in the field. Dr Pramlall practices classical homeopathy with the aim of treating her patients using a holistic approach, which means that she spends a great amount of time getting to know her patient’s history, lifestyle, environment and stress factors so that she is able to focus on treating the root cause of the complaint. She has a special interest in children’s health conditions and women’s health conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis and infertility. Dr Pramlall also enjoys treating mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. She loves what she does because she is given an opportunity every day to help patients improve their health on a physical, mental and emotional level.

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Dr Shivani Singh

A Specialist Orthodontist is a dentist who has undergone intensive extra years of training in orthodontics to obtain a Postgraduate Master’s Degree. Orthodontics involves straightening your teeth with removable and/or fixed braces. Dr Shivani Singh, the consummate professional, is Ballito’s only Specialist Orthodontist, with both a Master’s Degree and a Fellowship in Orthodontics. During your consultation, she analyses your photographs and X-rays and will tailor-make a treatment plan to suit your goals and budget. Her nine-year-old practice in Ballito specialises in a range of orthodontic appliances. She offers Invisalign aligners, clear ceramic, Damon self-ligating, titanium and lingual braces to treat any teeth and jaw irregularity. She also offers laser therapy to treat painful, clicking jaws with bite splints. Contact her if you want to improve your smile as an adult or if you are looking for a professional and experienced orthodontist for your child’s smile.

032 586 3205


Drs Loubser and Perold 

The dentists from The Well Dental Practice have been a part of the Ballito community for over 15 years, and they understand the apprehension and anxiety that patients have regarding their visit to the dentist, especially around this uncertain time of COVID-19. As dentists, we have always been very aware of the potential spread of viruses and bacteria in a dental setting and have therefore always had very stringent sterilisation procedures and infection control measures. However, in the last few months, dentists in general have had to become even more innovative in their endeavour to protect their patients while providing this vital service. We installed a hydrogen peroxide high pressure spray which is sprayed into each surgery between patients to purify every space in addition to the usual disinfection procedures. We also make use of laser decontamination before cleanings and during root canal treatments as well as air purification units which can filter the entire surgery every four minutes. We also understand that dental visits are not just about infection control and will make sure that it all takes place under conditions that will make you feel  as comfortable and relaxed as possible!

032 946 1901

Suite 2, Upper Level, The Well Medical Cetre, Kirsty Close, Ballito


Salt Rock Medical Centre 

Back row: Sharon Hultzer, Dr Neil

Salt Rock Medical Centre, previously known as Ballito Wellness Centre in The Well, has a new home in the New Salt Rock Shopping Centre but is still offering the same wonderful services with their experienced team of professionals.


Dr Neil Isaacs has been practising as a General Practitioner in Ballito since 1997 and 2020 has seen some exciting changes for him and his practice. Dr Isaacs has developed an interest in sports medicine as well as diabetes, which is a large part of the practice, and also runs a travel clinic. “We have always been a practice based on the whole family, from newborn to the elderly. I especially enjoy seeing all paediatric cases,” he says.


Dr Richard Dunning is a Designated Medical Aviation Examiner for the South African Civil Aviation Authority. He is authorised to conduct aviation medical examinations for all classes of license, and may carry out initial as well as renewal medicals. Dr Dunning is also a GP who has wide experience in family medicine and a special interest in asthma and other chest problems.


Dinesh Deonarain is a podiatrist who attends to patients at Salt Rock Medical Centre. Having started his career in the United Kingdom, he has over 13 years of experience in his field. Dr Deonarain diagnoses and treats patients that have foot problems, such as skin conditions, nail conditions and other issues. He also conducts foot assessments and provides education on foot ailment prevention to all patients, and more especially to diabetic patients to help detect early issues and prevent further complications. Dr Deonarain owns his own practice in Overport and is only in Salt Rock on certain days.


Tarryn Stening-Smith is a biokineticist at Salt Rock Medical Centre. She uses exercise as a modality of medicine to improve the health and functioning of her patients. Through a combination of scientific assessments and a holistic outlook on wellness, biokineticists are able to assess and treat patients individually and improve their quality of life. “We deal with a range of ailments ranging from chronic conditions to postoperative final-stage rehabilitation as well as sports specific conditioning pre-habilitation,” Tarryn explains.


Dr Helena Nothnagel runs Beacon of Care, a registered Non-Profit Company founded by a dedicated team of people with a vision to make high-quality palliative care available for all patients on the North Coast of KZN living with a life-limiting illness. They enhance the quality of life of the patient and their family by using a multidisciplinary approach, with doctors, nurses, a physiotherapist, a social worker and a dietician that can visit patients at home. She also does skin cancer screening and has eight years of experience in this field of medicine.


Sharon Hultzer is a dedicated and experienced registered dietician with more than 20 years of clinical and therapeutic experience. She delights in guiding patients to practical and sustainable lifestyle changes for better health. Sharon works with both adults and children, addressing a wide range of conditions including cancer, obesity, gut disorders, picky eaters, ADHD, weight management and diabetes. Every journey begins with a single step – contact Sharon for an individual or family consultation where you can be directed through the maze of nutritional decisions.

032 946 1311


Dr Ryall Hamlyn at The Wellness Family Practice

The Wellness Family Practice is a family-focused GP practice located in the heart of Ballito, Dolphin Coast. Owned and run by Dr Ryall Hamlyn, who has over 30 years of experience as a GP, The Wellness Family Practice is about to undergo exciting strategic changes in the coming months, altering the way we see doctors and emphasising a therapeutic relationship. The changes include two key elements. The practice will now offer a new integrative approach to medicine. This promotes the combination of mind, body and spirit to regain the body’s natural equilibrium to achieve health. It is healing-oriented rather than disease focused. It is also highly personalised or customised. The second change is a physical move just up the road to San Hall Office Park into refreshed and rejuvenated premises, effective from 1 August 2020.


The new rooms will have a unique approach to doctors’ rooms as we know them. This will include enough space for exciting workshops that will cover subjects that improve and take patients’ health to new levels. The interiors of the practice will reflect a sense of peace, harmony and nature and in keeping with this, Dr Hamlyn is also going paperless! Not only will this save some trees, but it will make processes easier for patients and the team at The Wellness Family Practice. Instead of spending all of his time writing notes during consultations, Dr Hamlyn plans to spend that time really engaging with his patients without losing out on documenting all of the important information.


In taking into account the lifestyle habits of a patient, and in treating the whole person instead of just the disease, Dr Hamlyn will be utilising the services of other professionals he trusts and uses himself. This refreshing take on medicine is just what Ballito has been looking for! GPs are the gatekeepers to hospitals, and their mission is to keep their patients out of them, which is what Dr Hamlyn wants to continue doing. The Wellness Family Practice adopts a person-centred approach by promoting health and holistic wellness and slowing down the onset of chronic disease. Besides family medicine and acute conditions, please visit their website for a list of services and special interests.


With so much to look forward to, we cannot wait to see Dr Hamlyn’s new practice and look forward to this new and exciting approach. The Wellness Family Practice, Dr Hamlyn and his team look forward to welcoming both existing and new patients to their new practice, which will be observing all of the practical applications to keep you COVID-safe. Yours in health….

032 946 1333