This is not a pity party. Do you hear me? It’s twenty-twenty-two, and it’s all about YOU!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It also lands on a Monday, and I don’t know about y’all, but the real LOML is my career right now, so I’ll likely be spending my Valentine’s Day knee-deep in deadlines and behind my screen because I need to pay my bills. Okay, I’m just kidding (maybe not, though).

I’ve never really understood what the big deal is about Valentine’s Day. To me, it’s just one day of the year where people go a little OTT and splurge on cheesy stuffed animals (which no one wants, FYI) and overly priced chocolates, just to prove their love for “their person”. I don’t believe in showing love only one day a year. If you love someone, every single day should feel like Valentine’s Day.

I was curious to see who still celebrates Valentine’s Day. So, I turned to my Instagram followers and did a quick survey. I asked who celebrates Valentine’s Day, and 65% voted “YES!!!”, while the other 35% voted for “Oh Heck No!”. I was surprised as to how many hopeless romantics surrounded me. Well, good for them. But what I did notice, though, is that it seems as if there are a ton of singles celebrating alone this year and who was looking for fun ways to celebrate solo (so it got me thinking) and looking into fun ways to celebrate.

This year is the first year I’ll spend Valentine’s Day as a single woman in a seriously long time. I mean, that may change by the time this article is published (LOL, here’s hoping) – but I’m not going to lie, I’m quite excited about it. I could have tried a little harder to bag myself a Valentine before the 14th of February. Still, I’m not the kind of woman to settle for mediocrity. My little heart has been through a lot of heartaches in my short 28 years of living, too many in fact, and I don’t need any more let-downs or heartbreaks so early in the year. So, I decided to ask myself to be my own Valentine, and I said yes! This Valentine’s Day is all about me, my girls, practising self-love and sharing the love. Here’s my little guideline on how this single gal will be celebrating the day of LOVE this year, without the tears, without the pity party and without being petty about my coupled-up friends celebrating their love.


Here are some top tips on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day as #solovalentine:

  1. First of all – I’m avoiding social media for the day, and I suggest you do too. No, you do NOT need to see (or stalk) your ex gushing over their new flame, holidaying in Plett or Mozam. Yes, Natalie, I’m talking to you; now delete Instagram for 24 hours. Okay? Cool.
  2. Treat Yo’self: This is for the strong, independent, rely-on-nobody people out there. It’s time to treat yourself! I’m probably going to spoil myself with some sushi, sparkling Chenin Blanc, and a bag of chuckles from Woolies, and I think you should too. You have a bottle of bubbles and some bamboo rolls, and one very satisfied CLG. Easy peasy.
  3. Order dessert for two. Eat it all, why the heck not?
  4. Stargaze. One year, my boyfriend (at the time) bought me a star for Valentine’s Day. Yes, a star. I have the “certificate of authenticity” and all to prove it. I bet you’re laughing at this because who on earth owns stars to sell them? NASA? Anyway! I thought it was incredibly romantic – so if it’s a clear night, I’ll probably lay a blanket down outside on the grass and check on my little star and see if he’s doing okay.
  5. Don’t reach out to your ex just because you’re lonely. REMEMBER: they are your ex for a reason.
  6. Have A Gal/Guy[entine’s] Party: so you don’t have a S/O to spend the night with, well that’s okay, neither do I, so quit your whining, Michelle. I can bet you that your single friends don’t want to be alone on this day either, so call up your best babes and plan a girls’/guys’ night with face masks, PJs, treats to munch on, and a Melissa McCarthy or a FIFA tournament. I mean – that sounds like heaven to me.
  7. Do not feel sorry for yourself. You’re not special (literally). Millions of other people celebrate this day on their own, so you can find some comfort in that.
  8. Go to a Rage Room – Smash It Ballito lets you take out your rage (safely) and allows you to destroy anything in sight, so if that’s what needs to happen, there is no judgment here.
  9. Don’t Make Petty Posts: Ain’t nobody got time for passive-aggressive, anti-Valentine posts on social media. That’s just tacky.
  10. Host a Singles Party – the rule is, everyone is single, and every single person must bring one single plus one too. This is a fantastic way to meet new people (and on the upside – everyone is single and available!)
  11. Secret Cupid – just like the Secret Santa Game, except buy presents that can spice up your life (if you know what I mean).
  12. Remember the good things about being single: i.e. not having to share your pizza.
  13. If none of these tips sounds appealing to you, just take the day off work, eat your feelings, sleep the day away, and I guess you could stay hopeful for next year.


In closing, here’s some food for thought: I want to remind you that you’d rather be single, happy and have inner peace than be in the wrong relationship, unhappy.

P.S. I’m totally accepting Valentine’s gifts of wine (Warwick First Lady Cab Sav, to be precise), sushi and white roses. You can deliver to the FabMags offices. *kisses*

CLG out!