Sea Views and relaxing at Canelands

Lorinda ScottOctober 28, 2018

Sometimes even the shortest of breaks can give you exactly the right amount of time to recoup all that you need to get through another day, week or month with a little bit of a spring in your step. Don’t ever think that a night or two is a waste of time it really is not. Think local. Think where you could go that’s within an hour of where you live to just relax and enjoy yourself. A place with a restaurant or spa is always my first choice. And never think that February is too early for a get-away after the December holidays, it’s never too early to go, or too much effort. Trust me, you will thank me later.

From the moment that you walk into the Canelands Beach Club and Spa, the ultimate relaxation starts with a truly spectacular sea view (arguably one of the best on the North Coast) and immediately all your senses scream! This is a getaway! We suggest that you start, as we did, with a  mood relaxing full body couples massage, an hour of pure bliss that sets the tone for the time ahead. The Spa offers a full range of spa treatments, so you can thoroughly spoil yourself with just the treatments. Then you can go ahead and enjoy checking in, which is a really quick and painless procedure. As with so many small hotels, they are on the ball and everything is sorted before you arrive. You are welcomed with a refreshing drink or something warm to start with and then off to the rooms you go. The large rooms are tastefully decorated and absolutely match the sea vibe with a huge, relaxing patio area. It’s the ultimate relaxation! We loved the fact that we were right on the beach and so to start off with, we enjoyed a cup of tea just sitting and gazing at the sea. After that, we had an enjoyable, long bath in the big-enough-for-two tub, which we certainly needed after the massage. This hotel definitely offers that homeaway- from home touch and you can happily relax in the bath, or in the huge wingback chairs, or even on the patio area to read a book.

For dinner we booked at the Two Shrimps restaurant, where we loved the menu and every dish that Chef David Kairuz served. The food is good, different and with the extra-special touch of a truly passionate chef who loves what he does. We somehow managed to fit in three courses and what we really loved was the fact that we could have dessert and coffee outside on the patio in the pool area, where the sound of the waves crashing was the perfect way to end a perfect meal, with no reason to rush anything. Then we were off to our very comfortable bed where we were quickly lulled to sleep by the sound of the sea.

We woke up very early the next morning and went for a long walk on the beach. We loved being able to do that and by the time we got back, we were thoroughly ready for breakfast. And there again was Chef David, ready to serve us one of his exciting breakfast options. The restaurant and hotel staff are all very happy and friendly and nothing seems to be asking too much of them, which just adds to the great experience. The hotel offers the most beautiful pool to laze round all day. It is the perfect local get-away for a night or even two. Just be prepared to relax and totally unwind.

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