Restaurant Review: Jimbo’s Burger Bar

The Ballito MagazineDecember 19, 2023

Looking for a tasty meal? Head to Jimbo’s Burger Bar in Ballito, a new American-style diner with an authentic vibe. The place is decked out with pink neon lights, 3D art, arcade games, and even a 3D-printed pink dog at the entrance. Despite a small menu, the quality is top-notch, especially their three flavorful burgers.


Each burger has a choice of either one or two smash patties for an extra juicy experience. We had to go all in and get two! The OG burger is a delightful take on a classic cheeseburger, featuring BBQ, mayo, cheese, grilled onions, gherkins and butter lettuce – simply delicious! The Heat burger offers a smoky kick with spicy chipotle relish, cheese, gherkins and butter lettuce. It’s perfect for someone wanting a bit of heat on their burger. And, you can’t miss out on The Rocker, a saucy delight with mustard, cheese, and butter lettuce that will have you licking your fingers. This was definitely my favourite!


Alongside any burger, you must try their fries – no excuses! Jimbo’s crispy and well-salted shoestring fries are something to rave about. Instead of just enjoying a traditional tomato sauce, you have to try their homemade jalapeño mayo for a sweet, spicy and creamy dip. Wash it all down with a nostalgic glass bottle of Coca-Cola – that’s right, a glass bottle!


What could go better with a burger than a milkshake? We finished off our feast with the creamy vanilla and choc chip Jimbo’s Shake.


Now, let’s talk about James, the creator behind these flavour explosions. Inspired during the COVID lockdown when James couldn’t enjoy his favourite burger place, he started making smash burgers using limited kitchen equipment. The positive feedback from friends led him to buy a couple of things off Takealot, namely a flat grill! So, with the idea to start off catering for small events, the ball started to roll, and eventually he invested in a food truck. After seeing how great it was going, James decided to put it all on the line and quit his job to open a fully-fledged shop.


With support from his friends, family and the local restauranteurs, he now gets to serve up fresh and juicy burgers daily. Using quality ingredients from a local butcher and bakery, you can taste his love and dedication. Join James in his mission to spread love through cheeseburgers and indulge in one yourself!


082 522 6064

22 Sandra Road, Ballito

Words by Kai Coates