Restaurant Review: Dumpling Bar

The Ballito MagazineJanuary 2, 2024

In our town, you can explore a world of diverse cultures and cuisines. One standout place is Dumpling Bar, a charming restaurant that immerses you in Asian culture, featuring stunning geisha art created by the talented local artist That Damn Vandal.


Recently, Dumpling Bar introduced new dishes to their menu that we couldn’t resist trying. Their Kimchi and Veg Dumplings, filled with the traditional Korean fermented vegetable dish, were a delightful surprise with their amazing flavours. Another highlight was the Crispy Tofu Bao Buns, a fluffy, steamed bun filled with crunchy tofu, complemented perfectly by chilli and garlic sauces. The restaurant also offers classic Japanese sushi, and we enjoyed their Deluxe Platter featuring bamboo rolls, salmon roses and rainbow rolls – fresh and tasty!


Moving on to the larger signature dishes, the generous portion of Roast Duck Noodle Soup was a hit, boasting a rich broth and tender duck breast that was devoured fairly quickly. The Sweet and Sour Chicken is a great classic, and their take on the dish is very colourful with different vegetables, pineapple and a side of egg-fried rice.


The sticky sauce coated everything, making it a scrumptiously sweet and savoury meal. The Salt and Pepper Prawns are also a must-try – batter-fried prawns mixed with bell peppers and spring onion served with a side of steamed cabbage and carrots. The juicy prawns burst with flavour!


To end our meal on a sweet note, we tried the restaurant’s unique desserts. The Chocolate Spring Rolls, served with ice cream, were a delightful crispy treat filled with melted chocolate. The Deep-Fried Ice Cream, with its crispy exterior and smooth vanilla centre, provided a deliciously satisfying experience.


Dumpling Bar offers not only memorable food but also a fantastic atmosphere and great service, making it a must-visit spot in town this summer.


082 805 7070

Shop 3, Lozi Park, Phezulu Drive, Ballito

Instagram: @dumplingbarsa

Words by Kai Coates