Whether you’re furry, feathered or scaled, all friends are welcome!

As people realise that Ballito is for sure one of THE best places to live, we see flocks of families moving here to experience the North Coast way of life. Here, as for most South Africans, our pets are our family. The lifestyle of those here embraces the outdoors and the ability to lead an active way of life. Our town aims to be wholly inclusive of everyone who flies, walks or hops into it.

Moving your home to a new area is always a daunting prospect, and even more so when you have four-legged members to accommodate. You would need a spacious and secure yard, a range of vets, and some fun places to let loose and have some fun! Ballito can tick off all the boxes you may have in mind about where you plan to settle down. Whether you’re looking to buy into one of our exceptional estates or an independent home, you have a world of options open to you. Renting offers up fewer options for families with pets locally, but there are many options. Still, as housing is highly sought after, it might feel like a struggle, just persevere and give your family enough time to find “the perfect spot”. Smaller complexes like Ballito Manors, Beverly Hills Estate, and apartments like Ballito Hills Estate accommodate pets. Larger estates like Seaward Estates, Simbithi and Palm Lakes, to name but a few local examples, are all pet friendly!

Estates have added facilities to make residing with pets fabulous for humans and animals. While not all animals have been allowed in some estates, sometimes cats or certain breeds of dogs, for good and understandable reasons, progress is being made to be as inclusive as possible. Amenities are in development for your pets, from a whole play area for dogs, many walking paths to bins and bags to ensure all pet owners can easily be responsible and keep all areas clean along the walking trails for everyone’s enjoyment. These features are being included in locations all over Ballito and in estates.

Are you looking for a place to take the pets on a day out? Try some of our amazing beaches and the excellent promenade for an evening stroll or jog. Park Run and Sugar Rush Park are both fantastic ways you can spend quality time with your pet and get in your cardio. Make a stop by some of the most incredible restaurants that are pet-friendly and treat yourselves, and don’t forget the pooches too. Doggy bowls and even menus are available depending on where you go! At The Litchi Orchard and The Sage Centre, you all are welcome to delicious treats and hospitality. Concha is the perfect spot for doggies to get some needed water and shade after the long promenade walk. Get essentials while your buddy sniffs out their favourite treats. Cat Box Hyper allows your furry ones to come in with you and sample which toys and accessories they’d want.

Remember, no matter where you go, please make sure the fur babies are on a leash; while they’re welcome, you can’t have them running after every little thing that excites them! Always keep them in your sight.

Welcome to pet-friendly Ballito – once you’re here, you won’t want to leave.