Nurturing Minds & Building Futures – Curro Salt Rock

The Ballito MagazineMarch 28, 2024

More than just an educational institution, Curro Salt Rock is – a safe haven where each learner is embraced as an individual, forming not just a dynamic learning environment but a close-knit family and community. From its comprehensive learning environments to exciting developments and future milestones, we explore the essence of this outstanding school.

Catering to a diverse range of age groups, Curro Salt Rock offers preschool, primary school, intermediate phase and high school education with a commitment to holistic development and academic excellence. The institution prioritises small class sizes, individualised attention, and engaging activities tailored to each developmental stage.

For ages three months to five years, the preschool focuses on a developmental programme that includes play-based learning, engaging activities and early exposure to sports.

The foundation and intermediate phases (Grades R to 7) build the academic foundation for success, maintaining a maximum of 25 learners per class. The curriculum focuses on core subjects, extracurricular activities and value-added programmes. The institution takes pride in offering education in Afrikaans, catering to the thriving Afrikaans community in Ballito.

In the high school (Grades 8 to 12), Curro Salt Rock continues the commitment to small class sizes, offering a diverse range of subject choices in the 21*-century curriculum, including languages, mathematics, sciences, technology and the use of Al. Holistic education remains a focal point, with a dedication to excellence in both sporting and cultural arenas.

The school distinguishes itself by prioritising holistic development, one-on-one interaction, innovative teaching methods, a broad curriculum, extensive extracurricular activities, strong parent communication, top-notch facilities, and comprehensive psychological support for students.

Curro is actively investing in the enhancement of sports facilities, recently completing a refurbishment of the swimming pool area and adjacent locker facilities. A significant initiative has been launched to upgrade preschool ablutions, playgroup areas and facilities, ensuring a distinctive and enriched learning environment.

Further plans for improvements and expansion are in progress. Curro Salt Rock is gearing up to celebrate a decade of shaping minds and impacting the community. Various exciting events and celebrations are planned, including the first-ever high school performance, “Rock of Ages”.