Mindful Munching

The Ballito MagazineMarch 27, 2020

How many of you have ventured out of your comfort zone when it comes to eating? Whether it’s intermittent fasting, flexitarianism, beeganism, veganism, health-conscious eating or food substitutions, we got down to decoding different ways of eating – some of which we had never even heard of before!



How can you tell if someone is a vegan? They will tell you! Okay, with all jokes aside, veganism is considered the kindest-to-animals diet. Vegans don’t consume or use any animal products; this includes honey, leather, or any animal byproduct. Following a plant-based diet has become a rapid trend, and the community is growing exponentially! A vegan diet predominantly consists of fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables and whole grains.



Now that’s a mouth full! Otherwise known as semi-vegetarianism, a flexitarian follows mostly a plant-based diet while being flexible with animal products. Seeing that there is so much flexibility in this diet, this is a popular choice for those who are looking at following a healthier way of life.


This name is kind of cute. They eat just like a vegan; however, they will still consume bee products. Beegans are big into promoting beekeepers, too!



Fish and seafood are the main sources of protein in this type of diet. Some pescatarians choose to add eggs and dairy to their diet, however it is mostly a plant-based diet with the addition of heart-healthy fish! Choosing to follow a pescatarian diet may be the result of a few reasons: health benefits, disliking meat and poultry, just being someone who is environmentally aware of the impact of their diet or, for some, it may just be as simple as a matter of their taste preferences.



This is probably one of my favourite eating trends that’s doing its rounds at the moment. IT is a type of eating pattern where you have two different cycles: the eating cycle and the fasting cycle. Your fasting cycle is usually 16 hours long, and your eating window is eight hours long. A typical day would consist of eating your first meal at 12 p.m. and your last meal at 8 p.m., and only consuming black coffee and water during your fasting period. The health benefits include weight and fat loss, lowering of insulin levels, and increased alertness, energy and concentration – among many others! Not entirely sold? Give it a try!



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