The North Coast is evolving with a new generation’s wants and needs that allow work and play in the same area.

The idea of Mixed-Use precincts are not new, but they are certainly evolving. Whilst the North Coast has long been a leading player in the residential developments sector, boasting some of the most successful and desirable destinations in South Africa, there are some exciting new development offerings that are set to add even more variety to the area. In an ever-changing and competitive landscape, successful development projects need to add and offer value truly, have a point of difference, and be relevant. Whilst there are a number of established destinations on the North Coast, the following three new kids on the block are also set to make their mark.

For the modern-day person, co-working can provide an innovative environment where creative energy and collaboration come from being around other like-minded people. Whereas previous generations have often operated in silos, recent generations have evolved to embrace the freedom and team collaboration found in open workspaces with access to live-and-play amenities on their doorstep. One of the most interesting new concepts to be launched in 2023 is The CO-OP in Zululami Luxury Coastal Estate, Sheffield Beach. This modern, mixed-use commercial development will be home to professional and wellness services whilst also looking to give local retail businesses a platform to showcase and sell their products. Importantly, The CO-OP has been architecturally designed with Biophilic principles in mind, which aims to reduce stress, improve cognitive functioning, enhance creativity and foster wellness. It is encouraging to see developers looking to create these unique spaces, which will add variety and interest to the existing residential offerings.

Another very interesting and developing mixed-use destination is the Simbithi Commercial Zone. Whilst many people are aware of the ever-popular Simbithi Eco-Estate, the commercial zone incorporates the Simbithi Country Club, Simbithi Office Park, and the new Simbithi Villas. The office park has been a success story on the North Coast and offers a safe and upmarket commercial environment. Added to this is the new collection of 28 Simbithi Villa Apartments currently under construction. They range from 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units and are positioned in a prime location adjacent to Simbithi Country Club and the 1st hole. A select number of units also include loft areas, with outdoor balconies and rooftop gardens augmenting each apartment’s physical space and viewing pleasure. The idea that someone can live and work on a golf course and enjoy a restaurant, bar, gym, sporting and conferencing facilities all within the convenience of a secure commercial precinct is certainly a unique value proposition and sure to remain very sought after.

The final new development is the impressive Odyssey Ballito, which is an intelligent adaptive re-use of the old Ballito Bay Mall and is set to be the North Coast’s first truly large-scale mixed-use destination.

Odyssey Ballito harmoniously includes stylish urban apartment living, combined with a commercial hub that incorporates retail, business and wellness facilities. It comprises a number of distinct aspects, such as 42 Loft units (near completion) in the first phase, ranging in size from 67 m² to 139 m², and 88 additional Apartments (still to be completed). The Ribumed Day Hospital and Medical/Wellness Suites are a much-needed addition to the community, along with a number of commercial office suites, a state-of-the-art Fit24 gym, and 11 000 m² of retail space. As the retail landscape evolves with brick-and-mortar having to find a new place in the market, the only retailers truly succeeding and showing growth are those offering experiences and a place of gathering. In particular, the new Alpha Omega Food Market in Odyssey is one such offering and is sure to be well supported along with other unique shops such as the Westpack Express, a first of its kind on the North Coast.