Lifestyle SUPERSPAR implements shifts

The Ballito MagazineApril 22, 2020

As the coronavirus spreads through our country, a number of essential services have been compromised and various businesses have had to close their doors temporarily, following staff member/s testing positive for COVID-19. The reality is that this could affect any business. In order to mitigate risk, Lifestyle SUPERSPAR has decided to split its staff complement and implement shifts, whereby each shift will operate as a unit and have no overlap with any other shift or unit. This will significantly limit interaction amongst staff in an attempt to better contain any potential exposure to the virus.

With immediate effect, two separate teams will manage store operations during the day, while the night shift team will continue to operate through the night to merchandise, clean and prepare the store for the next day’s trade. There will be no interaction or overlap amongst any of the three teams.

“Our goal has always been to provide exceptional customer service and we are trying our utmost to accomplish that, firstly, within the requirements and challenges of the lockdown and, secondly, whilst trying to keep the store as safe, healthy and clean as possible for all our staff and customers,” said Store Manager, Brad Buchanan. “I believe we have been extremely proactive in ensuring stock availability and in implementing a number of health and safety protocols from the outset to mitigate risk. This is another one of those steps. While we aim to continue with our high standard of service delivery, we do acknowledge that this step will come with its own challenges and we ask our customers to bear with us as we find our feet. We have certainly found that we are all in this together and we thank the Ballito community for their support to date.”


The various safety protocols that Lifestyle SUPERSPAR has implemented to date are:
1. Staff health screening takes place daily whereby a digital thermometer is used to record the temperature of each and every staff member to identify any potential symptoms very early and take the necessary action to avoid any contact situations. Anyone displaying symptoms will be sent home immediately and advised to seek the necessary medical assistance.
2. The entire store, including all service areas and backup areas are deep cleaned every week by a specialised service provider using antibacterial, food-safe chemicals accredited by the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications.
3. A dedicated staff member sanitises the handles of all trolleys and baskets before and after every use. These also undergo regular deep cleaning.
4. Cleaning and sanitisation of countertops, surfaces and any touchpoints, such as card machines, is taking place with alcohol-based wipes or solution on a continuous basis throughout the store.
5. Alcohol-based sanitiser is available at the store entrance, service departments, all till points and other locations throughout the store.
6. Regular announcements are made over the PA system throughout the day to remind staff to wash hands for 20 seconds with soap and warm water, or use hand sanitizer.
7. Demarcated floor decals are in place leading up to the tills in order to encourage and remind customers about social distancing protocol.
8. Staff have been issued with 30 days’ worth of multivitamins in an attempt to assist them in keeping their immune systems boosted.