Kwa-Zulu Natal has so many amazing markets to visit, and they are all coming back now after the craze that COVID brought over the past two years. Oh boy, am I excited! I have researched some of the markets around that I think everyone should, at least once, go see and support.

Here in my lovely hometown of Ballito, we have a new market that has kicked off this year and an oldie finally coming back.

Starting with our new Sugar Market at the Salt Rock Country Club. This awesome market has tons of entertainment and fun, from inflatable rides to live music; there is something to enjoy for the whole family. The market organises both day and night monthly markets, so you’ll never miss out. Take a look around, shop and relax but don’t forget about all the delicious food to try too!

Ballito is amazing, especially during summer, so grab your umbrellas’ and sunblock because The Ballito Pro is coming back this year! Full of stalls and a ton of entertainment, it is the biggest and most well-known event in KZN. Everyone comes together supporting locals and watching the surf competition from Willard’s beach. From 9 till 19 December it is going to be many beach days and fun with the family.


Just a little drive on the M4, and you’ll reach the next market, the Umhlanga Farmers Market. Come rain or shine, this mid-week market is always open and has a lot of farm-fresh and delicious goodies for you to enjoy, and we can’t forget about the fur babies because they are pet friendly too!

I don’t know if you are like me, but I love thrifting and anything vintage. This is why I have to mention the Durban Vintage Market, your one-stop in all things vintage. It’s a beautifully curated monthly market filled with fashion, music, household goods, and so much more. From unique items to collectables, you’ll find many treasures here.

One of the oldest and very well-known markets you should have already been to is The Musgrave Market. Now don’t lie when you say you don’t know what market this is because it has been around for years! This market is open every Saturday and is filled with everything and anything, including the best way to indulge with a variety of amazing food. Bring your family and enjoy this exquisite market!

About a 40 minutes drive from Durban is the Shongweni Farmers & Craft Market, established in 1998, and is one of the top markets that everyone goes to. Packed with fresh produce and an array of foods and crafts, you will spend hours here. Come and join the fun every Saturday! Don’t forget your cute pooches because they deserve a day out too!

Our Last stop takes us further inland to the gorgeous Midlands, with its array of fantastic markets; I feel like you need to visit the Earth Route Market on Nottingham road. A local, artisanal and earth-friendly market that is something to experience. Be an early riser, chat with all the local farmers and stall owners, and start your Saturday on a wholesome note.

Now that you know these few markets, it’s time to plan your next market trip and support the small local businesses at each one!