Keep Calm and Enjoy The Farm

The Ballito MagazineDecember 15, 2022

Ever since I was a little kid, things to do in and around Ballito that weren’t to do with the beach were scarce. But there was always one place we’d go to, the Flag Animal Farm. This amazing animal sanctuary has been around for many years and has always been a part of every Ballito kid’s childhood, including mine. I love seeing the younger generation still enjoying the memories I got to experience when I was their age.

Meet the lady behind it all, Genevieve Chisholm, the woman with a heart and a home for ALL animals. Gen grew up on the North Coast in a small family with amazing parents and a brother. She married her husband and best friend, Cameron, 14 years ago, and they have two beautiful daughters, Emma (11) and Chelsea (8). They all just love animals!

Gen and her husband bought the Flag Animal Farm over 20 years ago. “It was totally run down and ready to close. It actually broke my heart to see such starvation. We knew we could do so much better!” Gen says. Through a kind human hand and lots of love, their animals have become so tame because they are so content. Did you know that 80% of Flags animals are rescues? They take in animals daily and are now the official Crow wildlife rescue depot for the North Coast area. ” So, we help save wildlife, and I also work closely with the local estates, which is so much fun to do,” Gen adds.

Growing up, Gen has always jumped at the chance to save a life. “I have learnt so many valuable skills to raise and feed all types of animals, and I’m grateful for every moment of sadness and happiness along my life path. I was born to save lives. This is my calling,” Gen exclaims.

Her visitors will always return because they see how well the animals are treated and loved. The local support and love of Flag have been incredible and greatly appreciated. “These last two years have been an eye-opener; it made us think out of the box and turn speed bumps into freeways of opportunities,” Gen says.

It’s not just an ‘animal farm’; it’s a family where the ‘unwanted’ become the ‘wanted’. It’s a home where an animal knows it is safe, where it feels loved and adored. Team Flag is a group of incredible humans that dedicate their lives to saving injured, abused and unwanted animals. Team Flag will always make you feel at home on the farm.

They encourage all families to start bringing their children from a young age and start pony rides at six months because it teaches them confidence. It also teaches them life skills, to feel one with the earth, and most importantly, to love animals. “My goals are to continue saving more lives, be a louder voice for the voiceless, and drive our team toward success,” Gen adds.

Gen’s closing words were “We would just like to thank the community for keeping Flag afloat, allowing us the chance to take in more animals and make a difference in their lives because none of this is possible without the support of visitors.”