It’s Heritage!

The Ballito MagazineDecember 19, 2023

Purely South African

Big Blue is the destination for high-quality niche products catering to travellers and local South Africans. The store celebrates the rich multicultural heritage of South Africa. They proudly offer a unique range of novelty gifts, fashionable clothing and exclusive items that cannot be found elsewhere. By producing locally and upcycling the store interiors, they prioritise sustainability. Experience South African pride through fresh perspectives and elements that resonate with our diverse nation at their store in Lifestyle Shopping Centre.


Traditional Bead Works

Discover the culturally significant tradition of South African beadwork, celebrated for its intricate artistry and profound symbolic meanings. A wide range of these captivating art pieces, including jewellery, accessories, decor and traditional clothing, awaits visitors at the expansive stall located in Ballito Junction Regional Mall. Throughout history, indigenous communities like the Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele and San have embraced beadwork as a powerful medium to express their cultural identity, historical narratives and spiritual beliefs. Today, South African beadwork has gained global recognition, and its availability extends to markets, craft stores, and boutiques, appealing to both locals and tourists.


Skilled Weaver

Gerald Mudzingwa, a native of Chiredzi, Zimbabwe, began crafting handwoven handbags at 18. His skills expanded when his mother taught him how to create baskets. Roughly four years ago, he began making and selling his hand-woven goods here in our town. His passion grew, leading him to design pot plant baskets and repair a broken laundry basket for a customer. Inspired by customers’ requests, he is constantly learning new custom designs. Gerald considers his products a part of his heritage, as woven baskets were traditionally used to store harvested grains and preserve seasonal fruits. To add some hand-woven works to your home, find Gerald at Ballito Farmers Market.


Words by Kai Coates