Interior Design Trends for 2024 with OLALA Interiors

The Ballito MagazineMarch 28, 2024

Timeless, classic design never goes out of style and is the staple underpinning of good interior design. Combine foundational design elements – space, line, forms, light, colour, texture and pattern – with inspiration from nature and art to create a fabulously aesthetically pleasing interior, bang on trend for the new year.

Think Organic Shapes and Big, Bold Prints

Incorporating curved lines and soft, round shapes into your interior adds a sense of calm and serenity – something we all crave in our increasingly hectic world. Choose furniture and accessories with rounded corners, soft smooth forms and scalloped edges, and go easy on hard angular lines. Exploit the Softening Nature of Light Used correctly, lighting is a fantastically easy way to soften any harsh lines. Feature hand-blown glass pendants and irregular forms in your lighting choices.

Botanical Prints and Patterns

Gallery style or oversized wall art, either pared back and simplified or as a large-scale visual feast, can finish off a room. Flamboyantly patterned wall coverings can also form the basis of a room, upon which the rest of the room’s design can be layered.

Shine On!

Intentionally mixing metallics is a big trend for 2024. Again, connecting with nature in the form of warm bronzes and indulgent coppers adds depth and interest to the space. Choose a dominant metal and pair (carefully) with another two at most. High shine, glossy tiles and reflective surfaces carry through from 2023, using natural, light-reflecting surfaces to enhance and complement the space.

Tantalisingly Tactile

Use tactile fabrics everywhere – the more the better. Sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics and materials, such as hemp, organic cotton, sustainably sourced wood, rattan and bamboo, are a fabulous choice. Wall treatments, scatter cushions, upholstery and floor coverings can all be tactile and refreshingly different.

Celebrate the Peach Fuzz

This is 2024’s colour of the year. Palette trends reference nostalgic retro with cool neutrals being replaced by warm, earthy colours. Think soothing and subtle, yet embracing tomato reds, butter yellows and peachy pinks. Mingle the functional and frivolous, maximalism and minimalism – there are really no hard-and-fast rules, except to do you!

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