A town like Ballito is made up of businesses that have been around forever and some newcomers. In this edition, we focus on food and are so proud to focus on two amazing businesses, one that has stood the test of time and the newbie in town.

The Place of Memorable Food

Back in the day, Ballito was no more than three hotels, the Boulevard centre, the bottom Spar and one fine dining restaurant. Trevor and his then partner Keith saw the need for another restaurant when Keith had to turn customers away because it was full, and so Trevor’s restaurant journey began. With only 50 seats to serve customers and situated at the Ballito Boulevard centre, Al Pescatore has grown from a small and simple Italian restaurant to now a cross-cultural, 200 seat restaurant with the best ocean views on the coast. After being a part of the Ballito community for 33 years, Trevor still has a personal connection with everyone who walks through his doors and continues to create relations with new customers. The beauty of Al Pescatore is Trevor’s ability to merge the romanticised ideas of the ‘80s with things like the mouth-watering cake tray that gets brought out, from which you can choose a slice for dessert while still keeping up with the changing times and current trends.

Trevor constantly creates new and unique food experiences; he loves to put two flavours and textures together that get people questioning it. These creations never disappoint and leave you wanting more. One of Al Pescatore’s hearty dishes is their Mediterranean Grill, which showcases authentic umami; an indescribable taste sensation. It’s not just a seafood platter. It’s a combo of flavours and textures that makes you want to do it all over again. With a grilled hake, six large grilled prawns, four grilled mussels in their half shell, a basted and char-grilled seafood kabab, and the star of the dish are their famous phyllo pastry stuffed with peppadews and prawns, served with three rich sauces. It’s big enough to share, which truly encompasses what they stand for, sharing flavours, experiences, and memorable moments. Whether it is a family reunion or a date night, Al Pescatore brings everyone together through good food and atmosphere.

Instagram: @alpescatoreballito

Time to Drink & Chillax

We all need a place for those times where we want to just relax. This newly opened little spot is exactly that place you’ve been looking for! Fabien Durocher-Yvon and Diogo Barendse identified that an element and opportunity were missing in the greater Ballito community but more so for, the older crowd to enjoy. With that, they set out on a course to develop a space that has class, comfort and style. So, Conchilla was born and opened its doors in March. It’s a well thought out cocktail and tapas lounge, inspired to promote and create a clean and open space that brings in the beauty of the natural surroundings that Ballito is engulfed in.

With light, seasonal food intended for sharing amongst friends and loved ones on various countertops, small tables and at the bar. You can indulge in all the elements of the menu that are closely intertwined with the witty and creatively put together cocktail and wine list.

Weekly live DJs and events are the order of business and are where the lounge gets most of its flair. Although it is a brand new spot in Ballito, they have future projects, including going up one more level to a rooftop bar that inspires, attracts and flirts with the elements of the open air and skyline of the beautiful lower Ballito area. They will offer future events – Thursday ladies’ night, wine tastings, salsa Sundays, and corporate functions.

Their inspiring ethos, “Leave it at the door”, encourages you to leave your worries, problems and stresses behind and genuinely enjoy the vibey sounds. You can’t miss the sight of the ocean, the smell of the kitchen’s aromatics, the taste of the bar’s signature blends and the touch of the good life – also, no slops, no vests, no under 24, no issues.

Instagram: @conchilla.ballito