Fusion of Flavours – Fireroom Zimbali

The Ballito MagazineDecember 13, 2023

“Sometimes sushi is just superb, and other times there’s nothing like a great big steak. It depends on where your taste buds are at the time.” – Francesca Annis

Situated in the highly recognised, first-class Zimbali Coastal Estate is the famous

Fireroom Zimbali on level 1 of the luxurious The Capital Hotel. Fireroom burns away the ordinary to unveil a mind-blowing experience with unique flavours and incredible presentation. The brand was actually the first in the country to introduce sushi on fire, and this has since been our trademark, with the heat extending to other famous dishes that are done flambé table-side. Prepare for an experience of a lifetime, where fine dining brings an element of entertainment.

We are the place for those who can’t wait to jump into the fire of the unexplored and who yearn for intense, unforgettable dining experiences. It’s for the high roller who has never lost the knowledge that risk is always rewarding and that ordinary never satisfies those who demand the best, and for those who want to spoil themselves or host a grand celebration.

The North Coast doesn’t have another restaurant quite like Fireroom Zimbali. When dining at this lavish restaurant, one can be promised a modern yet cosy ambience with eclectic decor and attention to fine details. Our outdoor area boasts an unparalleled view of The Capital Hotel’s pool display nestled in Zimbali’s luscious nature. We offer comfort with our indoor, middle, Champagne Bar, upstairs, or outdoor seating for you to choose from.

Fireroom Zimbali has a variety of menu options that will suit anyone’s palate and preferences. Enjoy textures with unexpected flavour combinations to create astonishingly superb food. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to indulge in the divine, like our 850-gram Tomahawk, flambéed at your table, our Fireroom Oysters, topped with raspberry and fig beads, poached pear and pear leaf, or our new 24-Carat Gold Roll on our signature sushi menu which is wrapped in edible 24-carat gold flake.

It’s not just our food that will amaze you but also our wide range of wines, especially those that are exclusive to our restaurant. Cigars, whisky and exciting new blends also await your arrival.

We take pride in perfecting every aspect of your experience, not just the food. Attentive staff will give you a fast, professional service with just the right amount of special treatment.

Bookings are essential to enjoy Fireroom Zimbali and find out why we are the number one choice when it comes to a gastronomic food and drink experience. #weownthefire

032 538 5020


5 Corkwood Drive, Zimbali Coastal Estate, Dolphin Coast