FIVE REASONS TO PUT RAIN FARM GAME LODGE & SPA on your to-visit list in 2023

The Ballito MagazineDecember 13, 2023

Situated just outside the main town of Ballito is a world of adventure and tranquillity awaiting your arrival. Come and experience what Rain Farm Game Lodge & Spa has to offer.

North Coast Foodie Destination Indulge in a combination of world cuisines from Chris and his wife Cara’s menu using ingredients sourced from local farmers. They are constantly trying to push the boundaries to improve the food and wine experience.

Seasonality and simplicity are two of the key approaches on the menus.

2 Pool-side cocktails are a huge hit with so many favourites, enjoy in the setting of the rolling hills of KZN, soaking up gorgeous views with a high chance to see their wildlife. Yes, pack your costumes.

3 Game drives include a stop with gorgeous views, a light meal and a drink. They are home to giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, ostrich, nyala and eland, to name but a few.

4 The Luxury Tree Top Units are a firm favourite for a stay-over, but there are various accommodation options for couples, friends and families.

5 Aloe Spa A perfect setting in nature, away from the hustle and bustle. Add a lunch or breakfast to your chosen treatment, and turn it into your very own wellness morning, afternoon or day.

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