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The Ballito MagazineSeptember 1, 2023

Got fitness goals, looking for a new hobby, or just need a way to de-stress? We’ve got all three covered with these incredible and inspiring fitness studios!


Ordinarily Active

“I don’t know where to start” and “They will laugh at me” are the age-old problems of people trying to get fit, but they can’t seem to keep the habit and find their groove or are just too intimidated by the fitness industry to even try. Ordinarily Active solves these problems and gives people the confidence to live life actively, from beginner running programmes, JumpUP10, to weekly runs, swims, breathing and so much more. The popular teens and corporate MOVE programmes help build mental and physical resilience.


The real magic is found in creating a sense of belonging where people can have fun and live life actively. Their purpose is simple: to give people the confidence to live life actively through OA programmes, events and gear. They must be doing something right because they got us to happily wake up early on a Saturday morning and meet them at Willard Beach at 5 a.m.! We joined them for an adventurous six-kilometre run along our gorgeous coastline while in Christmas socks. The best part was that we also got to contribute to an amazing cause, Robin Hood Foundation, while getting fit and having fun.

Instagram: @ordinarilyactive 


TashB Pilates

Photo by Heath Thistle

Tash Barnard is a BASI Pilates principal instructor and owner of the successful and inspiring TashB Pilates. She believes that what is most important in life is to live with a clear and strong “why”. Knowing this keeps us present and encourages us to keep showing up even when the circumstances around us are completely out of our control. Tash is privileged to work with a dynamic group of women who live with an inner conviction that our lives are to be lived for something greater than ourselves, and this compels her to bring her best to people every day. She lives with a bright message for us all – be yourself, stay true, don’t compare and pursue your fullest potential.


At TashB Pilates, their goal is to change lives through the art and science of Pilates. Whether you are setting out to achieve new fitness goals, rehabilitating after an injury, or just need a moment to invest in yourself, there is space for everyone to find what they need through consistent movement and expert, individually tailored sessions. Make sure to visit them at their new studio at Linc Campus in Salt Rock. They are celebrating 16 years of changing lives. We can’t wait to visit!

Instagram: @tashb_ pilates 


Pole Republic

Pravashni’s fitness philosophy centres around finding harmony within our bodies again. When stress or being busy results in being unable to give our body the attention it deserves, we can begin to feel disconnected from it. We may feel like we’re fighting our body or that our sense of self has eroded. This disconnect can make us feel apathetic in our own skin. When this happens, it’s crucial that we take time to work towards re-establishing the bond with our most intimate friend, ourselves. It will take time and effort and won’t happen overnight, but the joy of movement is inherent within us.


Remember when we were little kids playing on a jungle gym? Remember how fun it was? At Pole Republic, their focus is helping you find your joy again, all while building physical and mental strength in a space surrounded by the most supportive community of women. During our visit, we learned how to be more comfortable in our skin, twirled and danced, and coordinated our bodies to move so differently than what we’re used to. What a cool experience! It’s definitely a must-try.

Instagram: @pole_republicballito 


Aerial Flow Ballito

Reach new heights! Aerial Flow offers aerial yoga and aerial dance classes for both kids and adults. Aerial yoga is a combination of yoga, Pilates and aerial arts performed on a suspended aerial silk hammock. The aerial hammock will support you through your yoga flow while improving your strength, flexibility and range of motion.


Aerial dance is also performed on a suspended aerial hammock. Instead of using the hammock to assist with yoga poses, different tricks, poses and tumbles are done on the spinning hammock. Aerial dance also offers a full-body workout and stretch. Their aerial classes are open to anyone from all levels. When the four of us walked into the studio, none of us expected the full-body workout and the sense of relaxation that followed the session. We got to hang upside-down, bend ourselves into fun shapes, and melt into the fabric to calm our senses. We all definitely left lighter than when we arrived.

Instagram: @aerialflowballito 


JT Clarity

Here, they encourage the joy of movement. They believe exercise is essential for good health and longevity and promote these beliefs using Pilates, aerial yoga, and Contrology Air. These techniques guide people to become in tune with their bodies and reach their personal goals of improved fitness and spatial awareness.


They offer private, semi-private, group and virtual classes. Pilates is a low-impact, dynamic movement focused on increased body control and awareness. Individuals can enhance their stability, strength and flexibility. Aerial yoga participants are taken through a sensory experience by recreating yoga poses in an aerial hammock. It may seem daunting, however aerial yoga can be modified to benefit everyone. Contrology Air is a JT Clarity innovation. It takes Pilates to a new level by extending classical, reformer and cadillac concepts into an aerial hammock.

Instagram: @jt.clarity 


Pause Apparel

Born out of Zelda’s desire to design and make the most beautiful activewear on the planet, she wanted to create slow fashion – from concept and design to fabrication, sales and years of happy usage. As a fascia therapist, treating people in pain for the last 12 years, Zelda realised that if people train their bodies with more awareness and less intensity, they will not land on her bed needing pain treatment all the time. The answer is fascia fitness. Fascia fitness involves training your body to improve your flexibility, balance and mobility. It will strengthen your joints and improve joint mobility. It challenges your balance and, therefore, will improve your balance.


Zelda adjusts the hammock to make it accessible for everyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your fitness level is, or how strong you are, this is literally for everyone! Even the stiff and unfit FabMags team found the routine challenging, rewarding and fun! We all felt so much lighter and looser afterwards.

Instagram: @art_that_you_can_wear_ 

Words by Cristina Govender