Eden Academy opens in 2020

The Ballito MagazineSeptember 11, 2019

Eden Academy will open its doors in January 2020 as a contemporary mainstream school, providing a quality and affordable education to children from Grades 1-3. Each consecutive year we will add a grade until we reach Grade-7 in 2024. The school will be registered with the Department of Education and will follow a CAPS curriculum with a strong emphasis on enquiry based learning techniques. We recognise that traditional mainstream education must evolve and respond to rapidly advancing globalisation and technology dynamics.

Ably led by Astra Russell as our Founding Principal, our distinctive approach to mainstream education will focus on imprinting a high level of competency in literacy and numeracy, whilst also teaching learners the skills and attitudes of creative and critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and co-creation, grit and determination, creative enquiry and innovation. We will ensure that we prepare our learners for their future by providing an engaging learning environment that grows them mentally, emotionally, socially, physically and attitudinally.

We have purposely expanded our mandate to include teaching and developing Learners with Special Educational Needs (LSEN). We recognise the critical importance of identifying and addressing these challenges as early in a child’s development as possible, in order to minimise any negative impact on a learner’s self esteem, and to tap into their developing neural pathways. Together with Village Kidz Preschool we will support learners with specific barriers to learning from Grade-R through to Grade-3 and ultimately up to Grade-7. Our close partnership with Eden Health and Clay Occupational Therapy, also based at Eden Village, positions Eden Academy LSEN unit to effectively lead children and parents through this learning and development process.

More information at: www.eden-academy.co.za / info@eden-academy.co.za