Burnedale Farm is an iconic destination on the North Coast, from the bistro to the animal farm, playground and everything in between. We can all agree that it’s an incredible place, but do you know about all of the wonderful businesses that call Burnedale home?

The farm itself has changed a lot over the years and is undergoing more changes with new businesses moving in and others expanding. It is so apt that families gravitate towards this place as the tenants share a family-like bond themselves.

A prominent feature of the centre is the lush greenery. When you visit Oasis Beauty Spa, you have the opportunity to sit amongst the foliage in the tranquil backyard garden Louette has lovingly curated. You can enjoy a range of speciality treatments including massages, waxing, manicures, pedicures and facials with six therapists to pamper you.

Across from the spa is Yiammy’s Farm & Gift Store. Here, you will find a selection of locally made products. From craft rusks to preserves, relishes and freshly baked goods you can pick up on weekends, it’s the best our community has to offer. Need a last-minute gift? They have a variety of trinkets, crafted locally, which they even wrap up for you!

You will notice the various potted plants hanging and placed around the entrance before you walk deeper into Burnedale. These are available from Natural Living, a store catering to our coastal lifestyle. They have jewellery, clothing, skincare and home decor, all tailored and suited for North Coast living!

Memories are precious, and what better way to preserve them than to encase them in a gorgeous frame? Elemental Framing has been serving the Ballito community since 2003 by preserving sentimental keepsakes in pristine condition within a carefully constructed and assembled frame. They do everything on-site, and with care, so your precious token is in good hands.

The ever-changing fashion trends can be tricky to navigate, luckily Nixz@Burnedale has just the perfect range of timeless women’s fashion. Run by Carol Kemp, they cater to the North Coast climate with summer ranges made with light fabric, and cotton for the colder months. With a background in and passion for fashion, allow Carol to help you feel your most confident in your clothing.

Burnedale Bistro is a fun space for the entire family. Enjoy the outdoors and look out over the beautiful Burnedale Farm surroundings while your children explore the farm and its wonderful animals. A firm favourite of guests is the Belgian waffles which can be enjoyed savoury or sweet!

Why not treat yourself to a well-deserved Visit to Red Lips Studio? This nail and beauty studio is owner-run and their team of ladies pride themselves on their superb customer service. With 30 years of experience, Lisette and her team, who have been with her from the beginning, will give you the ultimate pamper session.

Speaking of being creative, let’s jump across to The Craft Shed. Boasting their incredible wall of beads containing every colour of the rainbow, they have anything you may need for your next creative project. Make sure to check out their painting supplies, including the Tjhoko paint available in a range of colours. Children also love the sand art and painting sessions!

Next door you will find Willow & Ruby a coastal-inspired boutique that embodies laidback luxury. They’ve carefully curated collection of women’s fashion, accessories, gifts, homeware, and decor that offers timeless treasures from talented local artisans and ethical brands. They proudly showcase South African designers, and their friendly staff are dedicated to providing you with a relaxed shopping experience.

Take to the skies with Skyhound! This is a flight school that offers RC flight training for children and onboard flight simulation to train and hone flight skills for adults. They also stock some camping equipment for your next adventure.

Changing your life isn’t easy, and sometimes you may need some help. That’s where Mindfit Coaching Academy comes in! They guide individuals to transform their lives and achieve success and peace with their Personal and Group Coaching Programmes. If you are on a journey of self-discovery, this spot is for you! Wings of Hope is the outreach division of Mindfit Coaching which is run by Sharon Castle and Cheryl Sachse. It is a heart-centred organisation that addresses mental well-being in individuals and groups by offering free life coaching sessions to those in need as well as highly impactful community mental wellness workshops. They guide people with powerful principles that encourage them to experience life from their own internal wisdom.

Ballerinas are majestic. Their movements are graceful, and they seem almost magical. If your little one feels the same and wants to dance, Celia Davis Ballet Studio has 27 years of experience in teaching classical ballet. Teaching all the way to advanced levels, this is a wonderful environment to learn and be inspired. You’ve found a teacher for your little ballerina and now need the equipment.

The Ballet Lady has everything you will need for a future in dance. They stock leotards, skirts and stockings, and even do shoe fittings. For those who don’t need dancewear, they also have wonderful Melissa & Doug toys.

Find one-of-a-kind handmade pieces at Protea Pottery. Because everything is hand-painted, no two items are the same. With all of the pottery processing done on-site, you can also create your own piece of ceramic art, from the painting to the glazing.

If you’re looking for something to fill in those missing pieces in your home, the ladies at GAPS have got your back. They specialise in premade and second-hand frames, prints and other pieces of art. They stock local businesses’ art and creations and work with interior designers to create unique and beautiful spaces in your home.

Just next door resides Hey Gorgeous, a hair salon with a relaxed atmosphere and a dedicated team. This salon has been part of the Burnedale family for years as one of the first tenants. They do all the beauty treatments you may need from hair colour and haircuts to Botox! Appointments are essential. Book in advance to avoid disappointment.

The Social Oak is a wine boutique. They stock speciality wines which are not usually found in the area. They believe in supporting smaller wine farms and try to get the best possible prices for them. There are monthly wine-tasting events where you can experience the speciality wine they stock.

Maureen loves having children around her store and it’s easy to see why they love her store too. The Sweet Spot is a sweet haven! With her slush puppies, popcorn, wall of sweets and handmade lucky packets, this store truly is a gem for parents and children alike. Her lucky packets are also available for preorder as party favours, and she has animal feed for the little ones to feed the animals on the farm.

Our last stop is the beautiful Abbiocco. They serve locally sourced and custom cuisine. The Mediterranean influence is undeniable – they even make their own pasta fresh in-store! Their menu changes often as it relies on the fresh ingredients they can find, but it also means that there’s always something new for you to try. Friday evenings are special as they host an intimate dinner for you to enjoy.

With so many wonderful businesses residing here, Burnedale Farm offers everything families on the North Coast may need, including somewhere to relax and decompress.