Discover Great Dude Food – Tiger’s Milk Ballito

Step out and experience the vibrant atmosphere and incredible dining that makes Tiger’s Milk stand out from the rest.

The first Tiger’s Milk restaurant opened its doors to the Muizenberg community in December 2014. They took a neglected site in the famous Muizie’s Surfers Corner, added some beer, benzine and burgers, threw in a match, lit the flame, and the fire’s been burning ever since.

Life & Brand Portfolio’s latest instalment of their ever-popular and burgeoning Tiger’s Milk brand celebrates a new location on the hungriest street, Eat Street, in Ballito Lifestyle Centre, which opened its doors in November 2023. It’s all about creating that ultimate spot for incredible food, great drinks and amazing memories. This stylish and trendy spot is set to be frequented by locals and travellers exploring our coastal town. With sophisticated surroundings and access to impressive shops, this is the new space to be seen and spotted!

Situated in the middle of our vibrant town, Tiger’s Milk is a must-visit for after-work drinks, date nights, sumptuous and hearty lunches, dinners, birthdays, mid-shopping snacks or impromptu beers-and-burgers gatherings with friends.

It is comfortably accessible for locals looking for their new locale, cocktail spot and sundowner venue.

This restaurant is the best destination for ‘dude food’ made good, with an impressive cocktail and wine list to accompany any meal. They epitomise handcrafted goodness with a menu that takes pizza, grills and burgers to the next level, perfectly paired with their locally made Tiger’s Milk Lager. You’re sure to leave satisfied! Their values of creativity, consistency and culture are driven by their passion for delivering crafted, casual dining experiences with care and pride.

Their daily specials, famous Pick-Your-Poison happy hours and unique events will entice and excite families, young professionals and business owners to make Tiger’s Milk their trusted ‘local’ or ‘home away from home’.


032 940 0528

Shop 001B, Ballito Lifestyle Centre, Ballito Drive