Development : Elaleni Estate

Lorinda ScottSeptember 9, 2018

Striking a successful balance between nature and a thriving development it a difficult task indeed, but it is one in which the Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate does seemingly effortlessly. Elaleni offers its residents the pleasure of living life in the wild by integrating nature with state-of-the art security. To live in Elaleni is to embrace the true meaning of community within a secure gated estate that is playing an active role in promoting a more sustainable future for the North Coast. The estate houses a number of species that are unique to the area, such as the Pygmy Kingfisher, the Buff Spotted Flufftail, the Natal Strangling Fig and the rare Green Twinspot, all of which provide an experience like no other for all who visit the estate.

Offering the finest in understated living, Elaleni allows for an unsuppressed lifestyle in the great outdoors whilst still managing to preserve its exquisite heritage. Each and every aspect of the estate incorporates an element of nature which helps to encourage the idea of giving back and appreciating it in the process. The estate’s real eye-catcher is Lush, a modern, condo-style of living within the estate which gives buyers the opportunity to take things to the next level by offering the ultimate in luxury at the best price. Lush offers trendy one-, two- and three-bedroom studio homes with classy finishes that are defined by an eco-friendly design which is also fresh and contemporary.

Unlike most estates, Elaleni’s land was never given over to sugar cane. Instead, lush greenery clothed the land, giving it a natural forest vibe. Located within the sought-after coastal forest estate, is Lush, comprising studio, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom condo-style homes. Lush now offers just that — a chance to live tucked away within Elaleni where you can tune into nature and live symbiotically with it instead of intruding upon it. Elaleni’s protected forest allows residents the opportunity to experience nature in its purest form by providing walkways through the Fig Tree Forest, which is not only the biggest, but also the last of its kind. Lush residents also have access to all the estate’s amenities.

All in all, apart from its ideal location, Elaleni, with its true sense of community, is the perfect spot in which to raise a family. There are two clubhouses that provide everything you need for a leisurely lifestyle right on your doorstep, with several uniquely designed braai pods, a lap pool for training, which flows into a children’s pool, a tennis court and children’s play area.