Curtain – up for the International School of Performing Arts

The Ballito MagazineMarch 28, 2024

With so much young talent in Durban, it may come as a surprise that there is no tertiary institution exclusively offering musical theatre training in KZN… until now! Located on Florida Road, the International School of Performing Arts (ISPA) provides comprehensive triple-threat training and education, including dancing, singing and on-stage and screen acting, to aspiring young performers. They aim to empower their students with the skills to work on local and international stages as well as create, produce and perform their own work.

All of the school’s classes are led by industry experts who will not only provide world-class training but also share professional insights and mentoring. Some of the popular names who will teach at this tertiary musical theatre academy include Aaron Mellroy, Lisa Bobbert Mcllroy, Des Govender, Daisy Spencer, and Simone Mann.

Unlike many other performing arts schools in South Africa, ISPA’s qualifications are internationally recognised, with the curriculums following that of the esteemed Trinity College of London. Their one-year diploma (ATCL) or gap year course is equivalent to a higher certificate, while the two-year (LTCL) and three-year (FTCL) diplomas meet the criteria for a Bachelor of Arts undergraduate degree and a Bachelor of Arts honours degree, respectively. These qualifications will ensure graduates can take on the global stage and have a long, fruitful career.

Students will be taught through a combination of workshops, technique classes, rehearsals, lectures, seminars and tutorials. Other key parts of the syllabus include group discussions, musical theatre appreciation, comedy improvisation and independent learning. They will also have the exciting opportunity to perform in arts festivals across the country and the world.

What sets the International School of Performing Arts apart is their strong ties within the local musical theatre community. Along with their highly connected expert teachers, and professional guest lecturers, the school is a proud subsidiary of The Young Performers Project, a non-profit company with 22 years under its belt and reputable standing in the KZN arts industry. Their affiliation with The Young Performers Project enables them to tap into its extensive network and resources, providing students with unparalleled opportunities to participate in professional productions, collaborate with industry experts, and gain real-world experience in the performing arts.

ISPA aims to help their young performers reach their full potential and connect local talent with the world. They will open their doors to their first students in February

2024. Head over to their website to find out more about their audition process.

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