Looking for some culinary variety for your palate? Good news! You don’t need to leave Ballito to try food from around the world.

The Best of Asia 

Nestled in the very heart of Ballito, right behind Lifestyle Shopping Centre, the Dumpling Bar has become the go-to place to experience the traditional dishes that are most loved by all Asian cultures. Stunning geisha art adorns the walls and the restaurant’s stairs, and they’re all done by a local artist too! The artworks’ colours flow through the theme of Asian culture, right down to the finest details on the cutlery. They offer it all, from sushi and bao buns to soups and noodle dishes!

To capture the essence of their delicious dishes, it is an absolute MUST to try a portion of dumplings to start your Asian experience. The crystal dumplings are an adventure of taste and texture. The prawn and vegetable filling provides a balance to the thin outer wrapping of the dumpling. The pan-fried prawn and chicken dumplings knock all expectations right out of the park. Lightly frying the dumpling adds to the superb flavours of both the wrapping and filling, coming together in harmony to create a symphony of zest in your mouth.

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Italy on Your Doorstep 

Family and food! That certainly is the central focus here. This is an incredibly versatile restaurant. It’s a fabulous place for a delicious cappuccino and your morning meeting, a festive family dinner, or a quiet night out with your love. Their authentic Italian food is nothing short of extraordinary. Their pasta, pastries and bread are all homemade from natural Italian ingredients! From steaks, ravioli, seafood, grills, lamb shanks and pizzas, there is something for everyone, even your fussy ‘Italian’ grandma! With the magnetic gates to the play area, parents can take their little ones to La Piazza knowing that they are in fun yet safe environment.

Introducing a dish born out of inspiration and inventive techniques. Part of the “Chef’s Specialities” is the Lobster Tail pasta. This dish is made up of spaghetti pasta tossed in fresh diced tomato, prawns, garlic, a hint of chilli, basil and squeezes of lemon. It is topped off with grilled lobster. It’s sure to become your next favourite.

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Perfect Portuguese Pastries 

A staple of the Ballito community, as the sun rises over the ocean each morning, the Concha team rise to the occasion of making your day a memorable one. Their name has been derived from the Concha shell that has thrived in the ocean for centuries. Their intention is to be deeply rooted in the local seaside community, now and for many years. This unique little store has managed to weave its way into the everyday lives of locals and tourists alike. Bakery and menu offerings have been influenced directly by Portuguese and Mozambican ownership. Concha bases its values on close community-driven projects and the keen health enthusiasts who enjoy early morning activities to the late afternoon peaceful walks.

The Pastel de Nata is lightly dusted with cinnamon, and a takeaway of their encore blend is always a winner no matter the time of the day. Other items to try is their Fillet Prego roll and signature Concha chips, and a waffle for the kids never hurt anybody.

Instagram: @concha_cafe

Argentine Grills 

Peron Peron is an Argentinian grill with an emphasis on the flavours of Buenos Aires and a focus on different cuts and choices of beef. Their forte is aged steaks cooked in front of you on open fires over wood and charcoal. With authentic flavours and cooking techniques, Argentinian cuisine carefully considers the cuts and style that South Africans enjoy. You’re invited to enjoy their signature dishes: charcoal-grilled fillet on the bone, ribeye and picanha. Or why not try the famous whole baby chicken and prawns? Even the accompanying vegetables are cooked over the open fire, delivering a delicious and different taste to anywhere else! No sauces or basting is used on the beef; the dishes are served with salt, chimichurri and a salsa Criolla at your table, so you can enjoy the authentic flavour of the meat and produce.

It’s not a visit to Peron Peron without tasting the cuisine from the “Carne con Hueso” menu. These are the speciality meat grill selections. They are characterised by being served to you “on the bone”. Full of flavour, experience the best of Argentinian cuisine!

Instagram: @peronperonza

The Mediterranean Triad 

From the Ancient Greek Attikḗ (Αττική) Attikós (Ἀττικός), which means, “coast, rugged coast”. Greek food is made for sharing; it is all about celebrating life and enjoying yourself at the moment, often turning simple family dinners into an all-night affair. Eating to the Greeks is all about celebrating life and enjoying yourself at the moment! They want to inspire multi-generational families and friends to come together around a table to share great food and quality time. From the rugged coastline of the Mediterranean to the equally majestic shores of KwaZulu-Natal, they want to share their family traditions and flavours with you.

The Yiros are a fan favourite! With shaved meat or halloumi for vegetarian customers, from the traditional rotisserie served in a pita with red onions, tomato, tzatziki and fresh chips. Not sure about you, but these images alone are enough to get the mouths watering.

Instagram: @attikos_ballito

A Little Bit of Everything 

This charming restaurant offers a bistro menu with an eclectic combination of Mediterranean and Asian influences. They have meal options for every part of the day. Whether you’re looking for a wholesome breakfast, filling lunch or tasty dinner. They are all about coffee, food, and family: a lifestyle, community, and home. You are invited to enjoy their famous brew while choosing something delicious to indulge in. The atmosphere is expressed with warm lighting, hanging plants, comfortable seating, and beautiful wallpaper, making it more inviting. Be spoiled for choice when it comes to their extensive menus. Either breakfast or lunch, with a full-page dedicated to a spread of delicious, iced coffees – a coffee-lovers dream! Everyone’s tastes are accommodated, from starters to desserts. Eat your heart out!

They’re big on keto! They offer a delicious keto burger for you to sink your teeth into! This dish comprises a 200g beef burger topped with crispy bacon, cheddar cheese and avocado in a ‘portobello bun’.

Instagram: @fabrica_tiffanys

Indian Inspiration 

Trying out Indian food can be an adventure. There are many flavours and styles of dishes to choose from. The dishes are characterised by a variety of spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Dine Inn is a quaint Indian restaurant serving the flavours of both local South African Indian inspired cuisine and traditional North Indian tandoori dishes. Based in the heart of Shaka’s Rock at the popular Relax Inn boutique hotel, they aimed to provide their guests and the North Coast neighbourhood at large with dishes that celebrated the warmth and spice that we all crave from an Indian dish. A favourite on the menu includes the ever-popular mutton bunny chow. Choose from ¼ or a ½ loaf of bread filled with flavour-rich mutton curry. They are also famous for making a brilliant Bombay crush, a rose and cardamom-infused milkshake.

The tandoori chicken meal, marinated in a blend of spices and cooked in a traditional tandoori oven, is one of their best dishes. It is served with a side of fresh naan or roti, chips and salad.

Instagram: @dineinnballito