Creating Your Imagination

The Ballito MagazineAugust 8, 2023

Super fun stationery, essentials, groovy gadgets and gifts. New to the Ballito Junction Regional Mall, Yokico aims to provide uniquely designed products that are not only colourful but engaging and delightful for kids to enjoy. Standing out from the rest, they offer kids an alternative to their screens that is just as enticing, with hopes to inspire children to put away their tablets and pick up their pencils again.” Yokico’s name has no literal meaning. It was completely made up – like wild imagination! They wanted it to sound like a magical village where you can be creative and feel inspired. Some of their popular products include an invisible pen, silky crayons, an adventure kit, an electric sharpener, a book safe and more. They have an ULTIMATE favourite, though – and that’s the Yokico Press and Pop Pencil Case. Press and pop out a sharpener, scissors, ruler, sticky tape and calculator and the kids become mesmerised by a funky-looking pencil case equipped with all the gadgets.


They create durable products with affordability in mind, so you don’t have to break the bank! This festive season they have an entire shelf dedicated to Gift Packs to make your shopping experience quick and easy. Gift Packs come at a discounted price, so there’s a plus, and should you not find your gift at the Gift Bay, you will definitely find it around the rest of the store.


Remember, your gifts can also be used for kids’ back-to-school supplies, and they will be thrilled to let their imaginations run wild with their new kits! Yokico is constantly designing new products, and their shelves are always bound to have something new in stock – making their products unique and collectable. These products can definitely make your kids’ Christmas a joyful and colourful experience. Happy shopping!