Beneath blue skies, where waves hit the shore, dine on treasures of the sea at one of Ballito’s great restaurants. Al Pescatore has been delighting customers with fantastic food for over thirty years, and we were so excited to try some of their delicious dishes. When we stepped inside, we were greeted by a stunning ocean view and the scent of salty air and mouthwatering aromas from the kitchen. If you haven’t been to Al Pescatore in a while, Trevor and his daughter, Nicole, have given the place a modern Mediterranean makeover while still keeping the classic, authentic Pesci’s bar corner.

After we sat down, Nicole suggested a few drinks to start – a glass of M├ęthode Cap Classique (MCC) to tickle the tastebuds and a tasty Candy Cane cocktail with fresh juices to satisfy our sweet cravings. Of course, we couldn’t miss the chance to sip on a classic Aperol Spritz while looking out over the ocean, but the highlight was their Als’ Vermoed – a colourful and flavorful mix of fynbos and naartjie gin aperitif, dry lemon, and sun-dried orange syrup served in a martini glass – so refreshing!

Al Pescatore is known for its delicious seafood, so we had to try their Mediterranean Grill. This dish showcases umami flavours, with a grilled hake, six large grilled prawns, four grilled mussels in their half shell, a basted and char-grilled seafood kebab, and, the star of the dish, the phyllo pastry stuffed with peppadews and prawns, served with three moreish sauces. This dish is best paired with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne.

We also enjoyed their fresh tuna tartare – diced raw tuna with coriander, sushi ginger, mayo, and almonds on avocado. It was very flavourful with soy sauce and a slice of garlic focaccia. A visit to an Italian restaurant wouldn’t be complete without pasta or pizza. Al Pescatore puts their own spin on these favourites while catering to all tastes. We all had a slice of their Garden pizza – a vegetarian delight with olives, cherry tomatoes, creamed spinach, red onion, and cottage cheese.

To end our meal, we satisfied our sweet tooth. If you’ve been to Al Pescatore before, you’ll recognise their classic cake tray, which lets you pick your dessert. We couldn’t resist the Bar One Cheesecake – creamy, chocolatey, and served with ice cream. For something unique, we were enticed to try something that no other restaurant in KZN offers, the Shanky’s Whip board – an espresso with cream and a shot of Shanky’s Whip whiskey liqueur. It’s a fun drink that you get to mix yourself, creating a sweet and decadent end to an amazing lunch.


032 946 3574

14 Edward Place, Upstairs, Ballito