Café Barber

The Ballito MagazineAugust 4, 2020

Nine years ago, after making the move to Ballito, Moira Manson noticed a lack of barber shops in the town, which she saw as the perfect opportunity to start a professional men’s grooming store and a vibrant new industry. And so, Café Barber was born! Since then, it has grown from strength to strength. As a local business owner, Moira loves people, and they play a huge part in why she loves her job. “Every client has a different outlook on life as well as a different haircut, which makes every day exciting and rewarding,” she says.


Café Barber offers coffee, sports, news, music, great conversation and only the best haircuts. As a true barber, they only assist men. The shop has a professional, friendly and relaxed environment. The team is efficient and looks after each and every client that visits them. “Ballito has definitely got a holiday vibe to it, which makes working in Ballito so easy-going. Clients come in with bare feet and baggies during midweek which has given us a great laugh.”


The trickiest request Moira has received when it comes to a haircut? “I would say when a client comes in requesting a haircut but then insists he wants to grow it. It doesn’t leave me with many options for a style.”


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