All Roads Lead to Lalela

The Ballito MagazineMarch 27, 2023

Collins Residential recently commenced the construction of the P228 Provincial Road, fondly known as the “Flag Animal Farm Road” on KwaZulu-Natal’s North Coast. The two-kilometre stretch of road is part of major infrastructural upgrades in the Sheffield area that are expected to be completed by the end of this year.


“Construction of the road will not only drastically improve traffic flow and accessibility of the area, but it will also provide convenient access for residents while major roadworks on the N2 take place to upgrade the bridge. Ultimately our role in this much-needed roads and infrastructure upgrade will have a significant impact on the community who live and work in this burgeoning area on the North Coast,” says Geoff Perkins, Head of Collins Residential who has developed the popular Lalela, Seaton and Zululami Estates.


With the P228 Provincial Road being a major arterial route that services several estates in the area, including Seaton Estate and Lalela Estate, it was part of Collins Residential’s development mandate to assist with this upgrade. In addition to the P228, this future-forward and community-focused development company will also be responsible for taking the lead in the upgrade of the new N2 interchange between the Salt Rock and Tinley Manor intersections, which forms part of a multi-phase project.  Phase one (that being the south-facing on and off ramps off the N2) will commence this year, once the necessary DOT and SANRAL approvals are in place. The construction of the new interchange will ease traffic congestion from the Salt Rock off-ramp as well as the bustling intersection that currently leads to the Brettenwood and Zululami Estates down Sheffield Beach Drive.


Furthermore, the breaking ground of Lalela Estate will take place in the first quarter of this year as a result of the fantastic sales rate since the launch of the two and three-bed freestanding homes in November last year. The estate, nestled in the rolling farmland hills, is designed to retain the area’s authentic country charm, with access to beautiful open spaces and a number of facilities for a holistic and fulfilling lifestyle.


In addition to the commencement of platforming and road cutting at Lalela, Collins Residential has also been responsible for the major refurbishment of the beloved Manor House. Adorned with white gables and arches that are easily recognisable from the N2, the Manor House functions as a bespoke events venue and has already played host to a very successful Jeremy Loops concert in December. With the Manor House now open to public and private events, it is fast becoming the go-to hub for important community events such as dinner clubs, polo picnics, weddings and a potential arts and lifestyle festival planned for later in the year.


Perkins adds, “We are committed to leading the upliftment of the area and putting Sheffield on the map. We are entrenched in the community and pay homage to the farming history of the area while respecting nature and the residents of the Sheffield and greater North Coast region, as can be seen in the approach we’ve taken to develop Lalela, Seaton and Zululami Estates in the area.”