A Holistic Rejuvenation: Professional Skincare at Esse

The Ballito MagazineAugust 4, 2023

We were spoilt recently at Esse Ballito with a blissful hour of pampering. The entrance welcomes you into a tranquil and pristine atmosphere in a shopping centre environment, tainted with the beautiful aroma of natural essential oils to calm the mind and body. Before the appointment, Lucille and I filled out an extensive digital form about our skin and skincare so the therapists would know how to take care of us. We were individually led to our rooms to start our treatments and to be sent into deep relaxation.


I was booked in for a one-hour Deep Tissue Massage. I’ll have to confess that before my treatment, I had never had a full body massage and wasn’t one to get it done either until now. My therapist Nelly was so comforting and ensured that the pressure was right for me and made me giggle a few times, which helped with my nerves. I felt my body needed this massage, especially after our company’s fun-filled team-building the day before. Nelly worked every muscle, even my fingers, releasing all tension and stress. What I can say is I love head massages, and wow, Nelly did some pressure point massages from the lower parts of my head, even to my brow line and jaw! Even though it was only one hour, it was the most life-changing and de-stressing hour I’ve had recently.


While I was getting my massage, Lucille enjoyed a refreshing and cleansing facial. She was booked for an Esse Live Probiotic Experience; this ultimate treatment elevates your skin to a new level with live probiotics and specialised massage techniques. This world-class facial is designed to reduce inflammation, enhance barrier function and address signs of ageing by restoring microbial balance and rewilding the skin. Before starting, therapist Wandi took a few minutes to evaluate Lucille’s skin to ensure she would get the best out of the treatment. Wandi gently laid a clay mask on Lucille’s face, covering every inch to ensure the product worked its magic. This treatment gave Lucille a lovely 75-minute time of relaxation and rejuvenation. Personally, Lucille has had a few facials before, but she says that this is one of the best.


The small things added to your treatment make it more memorable; for me, it was the weighted eye cover, and for Lucille, it was the little foot massage. Esse is highly professional and always puts your skin health first. It was a beautiful experience and left us feeling refreshed and de-stressed, with me thinking about my next massage.

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Words by Kai Coates