Words by Kai Coates  |  Opening image of a Holden Monaro GTS

Cars that create memories of the good old days.

Where do I start? Well, for one, I don’t have the best knowledge about cars, but I do have a lifelong dream of owning a few classics, like a 1970s Ford Bronco and a 1957 Volkswagen Beetle. Here in our hometown, you may have seen the vast collections during the Classic Car Show at Ballito Junction Regional Mall in June of this year, and I got to speak with one of the collectors, Wayne Cody. His collection alone took up one whole section in the show, and he owns around 38 classic cars and counting!

Holden Monaro GTS

My love for classic cars started when I watched the well-known musical, Grease and still to this day, I’d rather own a classic car than a Ferrari, so when I saw all the vehicles at the car show, I was in awe. When I sat down with Wayne, you could see how happy his collection makes him, but of course, a classic car that looks as brand spanking new as his collection must have had some work done. Yes, they have. The restorations are done at Ballito Auto Body and Restoration; this is where Wayne stores his collection. The majority have been restored to their former glory, colour and all, plus the cars are all registered! Wayne loves regularly doing small runs around town with a few others, so keep an eye out in your little neck of the woods.

Ford Jailbar

If you are a car enthusiast and missed the car show, you can still view his collection! Wayne says that they get a lot of people viewing his cars to bask in all their greatness and to remember fond memories that resurface. He loves seeing the smiles his cars put on others’ faces. Although he gets many offers on his vehicles, they are his prized possessions. However, Ballito Auto Body and Restoration restore many clients’ classic cars, and most times, the cost to repair a classic car is around R400 000! What only started as a small panel beater has grown tremendously over the past 25 years of business and is now approved on most major car brands.

When I visited, Wayne took me for my very own viewing of his collection. We walked through the workshop, where engineers were working on the more modern-day cars we drive, to outside, where the other warehouses house more workshops, till we reached an open gate leading into a new yard. Wayne stopped us here and said that we were now entering his world.

“The Crow” Chevrolet Caprice

Wayne’s world is a big warehouse filled to the brim with classic cars of different shapes, sizes, colours and brands; magnificent! He still owns his first ever classic car, a 1971 Ford Fairmont GTS, and now has grown his collection to vehicles from even the 1950s! You might wonder where he gets these cars and how he gets the parts to restore them. Well, he sometimes finds them already in our country. He’ll have to get most parts from America, Australia, and the UK, but there are amazing artisans at Ballito Auto Body and Restoration who have built bumpers from scratch and more!

Whether you are a huge car enthusiast or just like me with a dream to own a classic car, look at this spectacular collection next time you are in the Umhlali area!