Counting Christmas Kilos


Let’s be realistic, as December hits, so dothe extra kilos that come with all thefood and drinks we all like to indulgein. Which is all very well and fun to take part in, but not so fun to lose come January when you step on the scale and want to step off of it very quickly? Here are some tips that we can all use to help us not put loads of weight on!

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast every day – When you start your day off well, it generally helps keep your cravings at bay and so you won’t need to overindulge the rest of the day
  2. Eat regularly – this step goes hand in hand with point 1. Just keep healthy snacks and meals with you so when you feel the need for something bad, you have a healthy alternative. A good quality protein shake is brilliant just before you have a cheat meal!
  3. Stay hydrated – This is super important for even when you are drinking alcohol! Have a small glass of water in between party drinks to keep you from getting dehydrated.
  4. . 1 cup of green tea – Aim to have just 1 of these a day. It’s not the yummiest tea but cool it down and squeeze some lemon in and it becomes an incredible iced tea full of antioxidants
  5. Enjoy – Relax and enjoy this time of year. The year has been so stressful and now is your time to de-stress and breathe. You want the extra piece of cake, have it. You want that last drink, have it? Just take care of your body in between it all
  6. Supplement – Milk thistle, cranberry extract and horny goat weed are excellent supplements when you need them. They help to cleanse the liver and kidneys as well as help the body recover from all those nasty toxins we fill up on at those Christmas parties.
  7.  Chill out – Rest and relax! Take time and enjoy your rest. Cortisol levels are at an all time high this time of year and now is the time for you to chill out, unwind and most importantly breathe.

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