Time out at Sound Lounge


The chic artwork adorning the walls, the bird’s eye view over the Ballito CBD, distant sea views, and the seamless flow of indoor to outdoor dining are the first things that catch my eye when
we walk into Sound Lounge. Once seated, we were presented with an Espresso Shaken Cocktail, a Swarovski Fish Bowl and a Strawberry Daiquiri which quickly quenched our thirst and kept the heat at bay (it was one of those days!).

The Swarovski Fish Bowl deserves a further mention- it was DIVINE! It is one of their signature drinks on the cocktail menu and could pass for resembling a miniature fish bowl! Our friendly waitor was quick to provide us with a tapas menu, from which we decided to try a combination of six meals, which we could all share (the FabTeam loves tasting a bit of everything, so this was just perfect!) and the best thing about the tapas menu meals is that they are large enough to have on their own or perfect enough to share (win-win!).

First on the list was the stuffed jalapeno poppers with sweet chilli and tzatziki sauce with the most amazingly fried chips. The poppers were full of cheese and definitely tasted of Durban heat!

Next on the list, the mini pork sliders and chips were succulent and perfectly cooked while the chicken wings and onion rings had us all vying for a taste! One of my preferred dishes had to have been the deep fried chickpea and avocado salad, which was light and so fresh with the crunchy chickpeas and creamy avocado and feta- definitely the perfect dish on a warm summer’s day!

Last, but not least, we were treated  to the torpedo prawn tortilla and the mini chicken liver bunny chow sliders with sambals and a spicy carrot salad (definitely honing in on the Durbanite influence here!).

The prawn tortilla was without a doubt on a par with my top dish! The tortilla was lightly grilled which made the creaminess of the perfectly cooked prawns stand out and the crunch of the tortilla made it seem lighter and balanced well with the mayonnaise and chilli sauce, while the mini chicken liver bunny chows, were, well, warm to put it lightly and would hold their own amongst the greatest of bunnies in the area!

The service? Non-stop attention to detail, drinks were kept full and our stomachs, well you can tell we were definitely not left wanting! Sound Lounge aims to be an escape after a long day, a place where friends can order a drink and relax or a lounge for those needing a cocktail, good company and live music. For an all round experience away from the hustle and bustle that is synonymous nowadays with Ballito, head to Sound Lounge for a drink (or two) some tapas and an amazing view to top it all off! Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for our ever-changing live music and events to give the mundane work weeks some flavour!

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