Kayli Croxford at Law

Some people are born with it; some work their backsides off for it. In this case, Kayli Lynn Croxford has worked for it and she is building her way to the top with her very own law firm here in Ballito, Kayli Lynn and Associates, specialising in Property Law, specifically Subsequent Transfers, and she is taking the legal side of property by storm!

Tk, tk, tk. I turn as I hear the stiletto heels, see the pencil skirt and the Guess handbag, what does that spell out for you? Lawyer? Legally Blonde? Feminine Fatale? Woman on a mission? Yes, to all of the above. Kayli Croxford is, behind the stunning stilettos and finely coifed hair, a down-to-earth, bubbly personality who happens to be the boss of her very own law firm, namely, Kayli Lynn and Associates. Kayli speaks to me about her business with pure enthusiasm and passion. Having grown up on the North Coast, Kayli believed that when it came to opening up her own firm, Ballito, with its ever-changing atmosphere, heightened development and reciprocative support system, was a no brainer!

It was while doing her first year of a psychology degree at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal and choosing to do ‘Legal Studies’ as an elective module that Kayli realised her enjoyment and passion lay in the legal side of life which made her change her course and set sail for a four year LLB Degree, and she is nowhere near catching her breath yet! On finishing her degree, she went on to do her six months of litigation at a Durban-based law firm which made Kayli realise her passion lay in the property side of law and embarked on her conveyancing journey. After her two years of articles, Kayli had a burning desire to start her own firm which would stand out, and so she did just that!….and she’s only 26!

What sets Kayli apart, is the manner in which she does business. Having ‘partnered’ with a handful of like-minded real estate agents, who prioritise their clients and aim for a ‘continuous contact’ arrangement where clients are kept up to date on their transfer process daily, Kayli believes that by doing this clients are placed into the best hands possible on the legal and the buying or selling front. This wonder woman does not believe in signing her transfers from behind a computer screen to purely ‘get the job done’, rather she flies to Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth or drives to Nottingham Road, Durban, Kloof and anywhere in between in order to make contact with the client in person, explain her process and the way she does things, before the customer goes through with the transfer process. “My customers do not hear from me once a week, they hear from me daily in order to explain at which stage the transfer is, where I expect delays (if any) and to clarify any legal jargon that is not entirely understood by my client. They need to be involved in every step of the transfer along with me, no grey areas!”

To ensure she can accommodate all of her clients, Kayli signs transfers every day until 8:30 pm and every Saturday until 1:30pm, this allows working men and women or parents the chance to get their legal documents in order without having to leave their office or their children. With Kayli, it’s not a matter of meeting in the boardroom to hear a list of legalities that may or may not go straight over your head, but rather have her take you for a coffee, chat a bit about yourself, what you need help with and a complete personal touch to your property transfers is the end result. As a ‘one woman band’, being a young woman in a predominantly male field, going on her own has not been an easy feat, but Kayli gives all the credit to her faith in the Lord and believes he has stepped in whenever she had her ‘I don’t even know how’ moments. Whether it has been guidance, transfers or business acquaintances, she gives thanks and believes having undeterred faith is the only way it has all been possible.

Kayli wouldn’t work or live anywhere else as she believes our small metropolitan town is being put on the map and the evolving society is dominating South African shores, from the incredible support she has received locally, be it in business or real estate. Kayli is a Ballito girl through and through and she is an independent, awe-inspiring lawyer that I will do business with any day!

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