La Piazza

La Piazza is the firm favourite behind your family dinners, get-togethers with friends and date nights, however, La Piazza is bigger and better than ever before with their complete makeover (inside and out) and we couldn’t be more excited to get behind the scenes over a chat to Marco…

Famiglia famiglia famiglia! That certainly is the central focus at La Piazza. As we have all seen, the locally loved restaurant has had an awesome facelift along with the entire Well Medical Centre. But the heart of the restaurant is very much the same. Marco chats to us and we reminisce about how he started Pizza Amore in the corner, the love of pizza and all things Italian that have always been the foundation of this restaurant. As one of only two or three authentic cuisine owner-run restaurants in the area, the current La Piazza was always a dream of Marco’s, and years ago the vision of the piazza started. Marco’s father-in-law aptly named the new restaurant ‘La Piazza’ after Pizza Amore and the old Food Matters became one big awesome area, however, Marco always had it in the back of his head that the piazza area, where friends and family meet, where kids laugh and play, the vibe is festive, the food is great, had to become a reality.

Late last year the dream came full circle when The Well centre was bought by Marco and company. With partners who had an awesome vision for the centre, the revamp started. Marco ensured his vision was part of the upgrade, piazza which translates to “a square where friends and family meet” shares Marco, laid the foundation of the new look and feel for the area. All three restaurants within the square merge seamlessly, the outside kids play area is enjoyed by all customers within the area, with a barber, travel agency and babies shop all add to the piazza’s charm.
La Piazza is family run, with Marco and Catia steering the helm, alongside Catia’s brother Daniele who runs Piccadeli at the junction, Marco is a second-generation restauranteur and grew up in the business of food and people. The new additions affirm La Piazza’s place within the family-friendly restaurant arena, starting with the new fabulous indoor kiddies play area, The Bambini kids club, which is something Marco is really passionate about, growing it into an awesome area where kids can play and best of all, where parents can relax. The new secure gates and the closed-off bathroom, all form part of securing the area for parents’ peace of mind. Parents can take their little ones to La Piazza knowing that they are in a fun yet safe environment. The restaurant has introduced an indoor jungle gym, arcade games, a BIG screen to relax and watch a movie and a new dance machine which will have them thoroughly entertained between meals without their parents stressing over them being safe, something that is sorely missed in Ballito.

You cannot talk about La Piazza without mentioning their food and service, which is another area the restaurant puts a lot of focus on, with value for money and consistently good food being the focus of this amazing team. Chef Larry heads up the kitchen and develops the menu and specials for both La Piazza and Piccadeli. Larry has trained abroad and was one of the first Teppanyaki chef’s in South Africa, his passion for food is obvious anytime you talk to him. The menu covers all things Italian and so much more. With Marco’s hands-on approach and staff that are well trained, passionate and some who have worked with him for years, Marco runs a tight ship, but his staff respect him for that. La Piazza captures the true essence of the heart and soul that put into making it the success it is today.

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