Meeting the face behind Meekloh


With a deep-rooted passion for fashion, accessories and designing, local lass Nadia Habig recently launched her fabulous new handbag and clothing line, Meekloh.

It’s 8am and today is the only day both Nadia and I have managed to sit down over a cup of coffee at La Piazza to chat about her exciting new business venture before she heads back to Pretoria to complete her studies. She orders a café latte, smiles sweetly and the chatting begins. Nadia is stunning and the excitement about her brand radiates from her face. After finishing her schooling at Ashton International College, Nadia went on to study a Bachelor of Consumer Science in Clothing and Retail Management and has just completed her degree at the University of Pretoria.

With her tertiary education being focused on retail and design, Nadia thought it would be a great idea to start up her own business exclusively selling her products. “Meekloh was born from my desire to satisfy my love for clothing and handbags and to share it with the rest of the world”, she tells me. She strives to supply good-quality and
unique handmade products. Meekloh only launched in August and it has already been a whirlwind experience for Nadia. She explains that her handbags are manufactured locally and she likes to source all of the materials in Kwa-Zulu Natal. “My family has been monumental in helping me get my business off the ground”, she explains. “My mom is my adviser on the marketing side and at the moment does all the running around. My dad is very involved with the production, ensuring the machine is running well and checking quality of the products. I’m very grateful to have both my parents initially involved in the business”, she continues. The Habig family are close-knit and motivate each other all the time. Nadia tells me that her brother is her number one supporter and is always pushing her to grab an opportunity. Her sister, she explains, is amazing. She is currently keeping track of the paperwork and loves helping out when sourcing fabrics and materials. Nadia is inspired by everything she is exposed to. She follows major brands, is always researching and keeping in touch with the latest trends to keep the brand and product unique and fashionable. She’s 100% hands-on, from patternmaking, the designing, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and photographing the products. She has experience in sewing, lace-work, designing and wants to incorporate her skills into her products.

“There have been few challenges during this whole process. The machine that used to sew the handbags broke and our whole production came to a halt. But together with my dad, we came up with a solution and we were back on track”, she says. Her handbags range in sizes, styles and patterns. From glitter, metallic wrist clutches to large totes with fabulous African Elephant and Boho feather prints to her gorgeous envelope clutches with detachable straps. Nadia has big dreams for Meekloh. She recently partnered with a boutique store in Pretoria, Milk & Honey, which will be stocking her handbags. She hopes to get her handbags into local boutiques and possibly open her own store in the future. She is currently working on the launch of her website and her products will be available for purchase online. A launch in Ballito is on the cards for the local fashionista to introduce the Meekloh handbag range and view the products. “Don’t limit yourself”, she confidently says.

To stay tuned to see what Nadia has in store.

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