10 years of success

Nothing screams celebration louder than snacks, good food and joyous people. Add zip-lining to the mix and you have a recipe for the perfect birthday bash! Fiona Crago Real Estate has just turned 10 and we celebrated the day with them at Club Venture, where our adrenaline levels were blasted through the roof.

When I think of corporate businesses and how they celebrate anniversaries, I picture cocktails and speeches, or canapés and fancy dresses. What I definitely do not envision was the CEO of the company putting on her tekkies and travelling down a zip-line at a tremendous speed. Fiona Crago, however, is not your average businesswoman and she likes to do things a bit differently to the stereotypical boss.

After she had been in property for 12 years, Fiona decided to step out in faith and open her own business. Just then the economy crashed and Fiona received a lot of criticism from her peers, which proved to be exactly what she needed to push her to succeed. “I had to make it work, as I had no one and nothing to fall back on,” Fiona tells me, adding, “The very fact that I started the business when the economy was in a bad place proved to be a blessing in disguise.” Fiona feels that the state of the economy is not all that important to the success of any venture, and believes that we have the power to shape our own “economy”. She tells me that since she started her company, she has grown as a businesswoman, learning to work with her colleagues, Robyn and Jade, as team leader and manager.

“I took the plunge in 2007 and I am taking another plunge today,” Fiona says, beaming with excitement. This wonder woman not only conquered her fears by stepping onto the corporate ladder a decade ago, but was determined to conquer her tremendous fear of heights by daring the 400-metre zip-line at the beautiful Club Venture on her businesses’ anniversary. She was very hesitant at first but, with the support of her friends and colleagues, tackled the lines with great determination, just as she has done with any challenge that she has ever faced. “It’s something totally different and that is why we did it,” she says with satisfaction. “I am deathly afraid of heights, which was one of the reasons that I had to do this.”

Fiona’s business took this opportunity to celebrate with the community that has supported it throughout the years and they did not hold back. It was a day filled with joy and laughter, just as a birthday party should be. Zip-lining through the forest top, while the monkeys played around you and the birds sang beneath us, it was simply awesome. Experiencing nature from such a very different angle was definitely a perfect way to spend a Wednesday morning, especially with the team from Club Venture on hand after our adventure with a spread of beautifully presented dishes, ranging from perfectly cooked meat to salads of all sorts.

Fiona Crago is a determined and self-motivated woman who made her mark in the property sector on the North Coast 20 years ago and will continue to do so for decades to come. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you believe in yourself, and your team, you will make it work.”


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