Love Conquers

It is written in scripture that love endures all things. Love is patient and kind and it never fails. These poignant words from the Apostle Paul couldn’t be more on point than when it comes to the marriage of Hannes and Wilna Joubert, the next twosome to be featured in our power couple series. Their story is one of success, passion and love, one that is about real people who do life together. It is not some fantasy conjured up for film, but rather a true inspiration.

Hellooo,” Wilna drags it out playfully as she walks up behind me, her blonde bun masterfully placed on top of her head and her face flawlessly made up. We sit down at a table at the ever-popular La Piazza and Wilna excuses her husband’s absence, saying, “Hannes has two viruses and was sick for the entire holiday that we’ve just returned from. Not one virus — two.” She beams in amusement as she orders a cappuccino. As she tells the story of their journey to becoming who they are today, both individually and in their marriage, I cannot help but be inspired to be and do more.

Wilna and Hannes grew up in Vereeniging and attended the same church. They zigzagged in and around each other’s lives, without really noticing each other, for years. Hannes moved to Durban after being given the opportunity to undergo training in the field of medicine. After a few years, he moved back and they eventually “really met” for the first time at a nightclub through a mutual friend. “I fell in love with her dimples,” Hannes later tells me. After five short months of getting to know each other, the couple packed up everything that they had and moved to Westbrook and later Ballito in search of greater opportunities. “It was a big leap of faith… for me,” she smiles. Two years down the line, after Wilna had ‘proposed’ to Hannes, and with a budget of R10,000, they were married in a sunrise ceremony at 06:15 on Salt Rock Beach. “The sunrise indicates a new day and the symbolism of that for us is that the sun will shine again and, no matter how dark the night might seem, a new day will break.”

As a student Hannes had to work three jobs to pay for his studies as, at the time, his parents were not in a position to aid him financially. After moving to Ballito, he worked from home, later moving to an office in Umhlanga, where he did freelance work in the medical field. He also started Water Sports Marine (WSM) where he sold jet skis, boats and quad bikes between times.

An orthopaedic surgeon noticed the hard-working youngster and offered to train him even further in the medical field, which opened doors to a whole new world for Hannes. It was his work ethic and dedication that made him the successful businessman he is today. At the age of 29 he founded his business, Q-Surgical (Quality Surgical Solutions), a spinal, trauma and sports medicine device company that provides orthopaedic and neurosurgical products to hospitals. As an orthopaedic instrument specialist, he not only supplies implants to surgeons, but also assists in theatre by actually implanting the devices with the surgeon.

Wilna, an Afrikaans meisie who is a beauty therapist by trade, is full of drive and has an undying passion for her work. After working for Lasersure for some years, her desire to learn propelled her to complete a course in permanent make-up. This, in turn, led her to discover that there is more to make-up than what she had initially thought, which pushed her to know more. “I started doing courses and wanted to do training as well. I needed a regular income and I was ready to start teaching others.”


After making contact with Italian company, Biotek, and undergoing training in Milan, she signed a contract and now runs her own business, with branches in Ballito and Pretoria. “Signing the contract was very scary. This whole business thing is still very new to me, but exciting nonetheless,” she says, her green eyes glowing. She now runs a registered international academy for Biotek and is a qualified Biotek Master Trainer, “Whatever that may mean,” she laughs, revealing her deep dimples. Hannes tells me with great pride that Wilna is considered one of the best permanent make-up technicians in South Africa and is highly regarded internationally. “She is very modest and won’t tell you this herself, but she is excellent at what she does, which secured her the Biotek agency,” he boasts proudly of his beautiful wife.

Running a business has its challenges, too, and Wilna says that even though they don’t necessarily work together, life can be very stressful at times as they both work long hours and don’t get to see each other too often on weekdays. Wilna’s eyes well up as she tells me that both she and her husband come from broken homes. Marriage is not always easy, she admits, “But we made a promise to each other that we would always make it work,” she says through her tears. “Thank goodness I have permanent make-up!” she adds.

Hannes and Wilna have made the best of every situation in their 11 years of marriage and encouraged and stood by each other’s side through the highs and lows that life has handed them. After the tragic news that their third try at In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) had been unsuccessful, they decided to give it a rest and not allow the failed attempts to impact their lives negatively. “Something like this can destroy a woman, but I resolved not to allow it to rule my life.” Even though it was hard, they made a conscious decision not to let it get the better of them and definitely won’t let it affect their marriage. Now that — that is a power couple right there!

Despite the lemons that life has handed them, they make the best of everything that comes their way and are dedicated to seeing others flourish and become all that they can be. They want to leave a pay-it-forward legacy, inspiring others to be the best versions of themselves, be it by supporting them financially or emotionally, and they strive to be the step-up-the-ladder to someone else. Wilna tears up again as she talks with great admiration about her husband, “His passion now is to help others achieve their dreams. “Hannes has been involved with the humanitarian organisation, Gift of the Givers, since 2009, and this has led him on different missions around the world. These included the war zones of Gaza and Syria, as well as the heart-wrenching aftermath of the earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal, as well as trips to the Congo and Somalia, where he is part of a medical team that offers life-support to those in need.

Finding a balance between marriage and work was a difficult task at first — and sometimes can still be — but these beautiful, humble souls make a point of spending quality time together over weekends. Whilst each is dynamic in their field and individually successful, they are still wonderfully supportive of each other. Part of this lies in communication and a support structure, Wilna says. “We focus on communicating with each other and we surround ourselves with a steadfast community of friends who can keep us accountable at all times.”

Their story may not be a fairy tale, but it comes pretty close, being one of love, real life and ambition. Their hard work, the opportunities that arose and God’s grace moulded and shaped them to be who and where they are today. Wilna’s eyes are soft as she tells me that, “We can overcome any and all struggles whilst still loving each other unconditionally. What we achieve in life means nothing without love. At the end of the day we are here to love one another.”





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